Winter want list 2014

Hello good evening friends, I am writing to you tonight the night before I head back to Disney World again. I'm not sure why when I have every day free I wait until the night before a trip to write a blog post but I guess I work best right at the deadline haha. This is a post I have been meaning to put together this whole week, it's not that it's particularly in depth but I just always found something else to spend my time on. I can't believe a week has already passed in December, this year is wrapping up! Start getting ready to say good bye to 2014!

I'm sure you are seeing all the lucky bags brands are pre-selling, and peeks of their upcoming spring collections. While in the midst of winter we are being geared up to buy our sun dresses and shorts haha. But before we get there, I want to show my want list of 2014, my hot items of this season haha. The reason I have decided to call this a want list rather than a wishlist is because I can't even wish to get these things, I can simply want them from afar. We are all thinking about what we will ask for the holidays and what to get our loved ones, but I think it's easiest to shop for yourself :D

clockwise from upper left:
Sephora brush set //  TUK shoes // Katie brooch // Milk cardigan // monlily purse // Too Faced eyeshadows
Modcloth cat purse // lilLilly skirt // Katie onepiece // monlily bralet

clockwise from upper left:
bonbon heart purse // Kriss Soonik top // YSL lipsticks // Katie clutch // monlily cardigan
missguided pencil skirt // Pleaser mules // lilLilly onepice // monlily cardigan // Naked3 palette 
I think I have pretty cohesive wants! These would all work together so well and create a ton of cute looks. Maybe you can tell which colors are my favorites hehe :) and my Larme-kei style is pretty evident. Did you see the 013 issue yet? If so I'm sure you can pick out all the items I love from it. Do any of my wanted items appeal to you too?

Well now I have a couple hours to relax before the flurry of flights, buses and hotel check in tomorrow. I suppose I am a mega pro at flying now but all I think is "Please let's just get this over with as fast as possible" as much as flying annoys me I really hope I can have another long flight to Japan soon (can I put that on my want list too? haha). I won't be able to update the blog while I'm in Disney, not bringing my laptop, but I will be updating all my social media with tons of Disney pictures and tidbits.
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