My Tokyo March 2016 haul

Hello everyone, maybe this will be all my blog is now: me checking in every several months when something interesting or important happens haha. I have always been an insecure person and as the internet changes/expands everyday, and makes it easier for individuals to share every minute detail of their lives I feel like what I have to share and say becomes more irrelevant . I mean now you really need to be outstanding to grab attention.

But I wanted to share my haul here again, as I can always look back over my blog throughout the years and remember what I did and where I was. Hopefully you'll have fun seeing what my trip entailed as well.

This was my very first trip to Tokyo totally alone, no friends, family or significant other to help me out. I navigated everything alone, but I have to say having gone to Japan 10 times before this trip certainly made it easy. I already know the train system, where to get essentials, how to buy tickets etc. The only new thing was using the Keisei Skyliner and staying in Nishi-Nippori, which I was very happy with and would recommend as a base.

Last month, I only spent 9 days in Tokyo so that was another first, I used to stay in Tokyo for months but now my only purpose for going was shopping and seeing cute things. I don't need months for that! Haha, or do I? Because I really want to go back for the Sailor Moon museum in Roppongi Hills!

Makeup haul! I bought the circle lenses at SBY, super easy. And excited about my Les Merveilleuses Laduree rose petal blush
I'll try to review some of these items like the Love Liner since they are so good but unknown in the west
Accessories, Lots of handmade and indie brand items this time. I attended some small craft shows which I hope to blog about 
Kawaii goods, I got the figures in Radio Kaikan, I had been wanting this Utena for sooo long
(from l-r) Top: My Melody Uniqlo top, Honey mi Honey sweatshirt, Kriss Soonik LaForet limited Susan top
Bottom: Katie vegan leather bustier, frill heart Tee (actually I bought it at a used clothing shop!) and Bettie Tee
(from l-r) Top: one*spo sukejan, Eatme grey keyhole tee
Bottom: one*spo "my room" tee, lace cardigan, and Honey mi Honey backpack
(from l-r) Top: Ehyphen World Gallery BonBon ribbon sweater, Honey mi Honey lace up crop top, BonBon collar top and purse
Bottom: Honey mi Honey tulle cardigan, heart cutout sweater, and BonBon sailor top
Overall I spent about the same amount in Tokyo as I did back in October 2015, but I came home with  less I feel! I know this time I spent more on gifts, food and necessities, my mom helped me with such expenses last time. Also I bought more high cost items, meaning overall I couldn't get as much, but I did get many things on my list haha.

One thing I regret was spending so much on UFO catchers, they've become so difficult and rigged that it's just a waste of time and money playing them. It's not even good entertainment. I recommend just going to Akihabara or Nakano Broadway to buy catcher prizes.

Another thing I want to note, is I used my credit card a lot as an experiment, and it turned out well. Many people wonder if Japan is really the "cash society" still, many websites out there say to bring only cash but haven't been updated recently. Is Tokyo cash only? I would say No, not anymore. My card was accepted at every store, even places I paid in cash I noticed card readers. Still bring cash for restaurants, train fare and small mom & pop shops, but you can mostly rely on your card!
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