Tokyo Trip summer 2016 haul

Hi friends, I always show up once I have a haul post, then after that its just long radio silence haha. Radio btw was invented to entertain bored dinosaurs, but thank goodness we have spotify now. Anyhow, I ended up taking another trip to Tokyo this year after my last trip this spring in March, I hadn't planned on another one already... But I have to start a new job now (start day was yesterday sigh) and this being America I knew I wouldn't be allowed to take a vacation for a very long time. So I booked a last minute Tokyo trip while I still had the chance.

This most recent trip was for only one week making it my shortest trip to date. I left on June 25 and returned on July 3, it was a stressful return with July 4th holiday the next morning and my work starting on July 5th. Despite the breakneck schedule, I am really happy that I went! I did a lot of fun things, met some wonderful people and pretended my life is interesting a last time for the foreseeable future.

But I do have to say, one week in Tokyo is not enough! I would never recommend it if it's your first trip especially. Since it was my 12th trip I was fine skipping a lot of things which I've seen before but I still had the feeling I didn't get to do much, and some things I planned had to be nixed. When you have the chance to go to Japan (or anywhere abroad) make sure to stay as long as your schedule and money permit!

Books, stationary and snacks! I had to get some of the Sailor Moon Carddass revival series even tho I have most of the originals :D
Having such a short time also made it harder to shop, I didn't want to devote all my time to shopping but I also go to Japan mainly to shop. Overall I got many cute things, tho not many things on my list since it was summer sales time and all the good stuff was gone.

Cute things! I played gacha more this time. And I luckily found the Q-posket Shirahoshi in Akihabara 
Didn't get much makeup this time, just a few necessary items, and cute Sailor Moon eyeliner and hand cream
The accessories! Got the Q-pot luna ring (wish I got more), limited gold Memnon shell purse, Roretta's Room handmade earrings
As you can see compared to my previous haul posts, which should be the next posts even though they are from months and months ago.., this haul was more "manageable". Many times I went places looking for something specific only to leave empty handed. The positive points of this was my wallet was much less damaged than I expected and I only had to schlep one suitcase back to the airport. Generally I have to bring a duffle back as well.

Honey mi Honey sale skirt, floral Bonbon sale shirt, lilLilly sheer top, and 2 Katie tops
Katie sale skirt, and Bonbon dress
Verybrain all in one
Honey mi honey sale dress and Jouetie pants (which are gauchos on me haha)
A smaller haul, but I think everything I picked is quite nice the only thing I should've left behind was the lilLilly sheer top. I kinda just bought that because I wasn't finding much I wanted and got caught up in the moment. Autumn items will start hitting the stores next month so I can always destroy my bank account then haha. Good thing I have to start the endless grind of working just in time :D

Here's something I bought just before going to Tokyo so I'll include it as part of my haul. I got some Miu Miu platform sandals from the summer clearance! They are similar to some of the Miu Miu sandals that Risa Nakamura has.

Well I really do hope to get back into blogging, my new work schedule should allow me some time to dress up, take photos, and blog as long as I stay focused. My goal is to blog twice a week, I think it's a doable amount while producing enough content. Dressing up, my goal is 3 times a week but that might be too much with a full time schedule but I'll try it out and see how it goes. Well here's one blog post this week, I'll try again friday morning!
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