As seen on the streets of Akiba

Boy it's quite difficult to find the energy to blog while I am traveling haha. Every morning I get up, edit photos, reply to comments and chat with my mom. After I get in at night I edit photos again and eat dinner and sleep. But I guess that's how traveling is, it's not free time haha. I don't want to think about starting my classes soon>< Well now I will share with you some photos that I took on my first full day in Japan. I went to Akiharabara to pick up a SD card for my camera, which I had forgotten at home. Of course SD cards should be available in many places, but why not go to Akihabara when you have the chance? haha^^

I am proud of this photo a lot!

Since it was during Golden Week, and the weekend, it was severely crowded! There were people everywhere, and walking along the sidewalks took a long time. Enter shops was difficult, and the wait times to get into a maid cafe were in the hours. I personally didn't want to wait for that, but luckily there was enough to see just on the street.

Maid cafes are places where you can have some food and drinks while you interact with a young girl dressed in a maid uniform. Photos of the maids are prohibited unless you pay money, but you can see them and photograph them for free on the streets.

This girl was super cute and pretty!! I wish I could get her face better.

I call this shot Beauty and the Beasts - no, that's terrible! But sadly she was touching her face at just the wrong second

Actually they don't want you to take their photos, they prefer you come to their cafe and pay money, but snapping some sneaky photos is just fine haha. At times it was difficult to take photos through the dense crowds of people, let alone even stop on the street. But that also meant there were more maids out.

Lovely angel maid helping with directions

I have read online that maid cafes send out their most cute and friendly girls to hand the flyers out on the street. So the ones you will find in the cafes are not as cute as the girls on the street. I don't know how true that is, but it sounds like a smart strategy to me haha! Although I think it must be difficult to serve nerds.

Fancy jacket and bag

Maids are not the only interesting people to photograph while in Akihabara. You may come across the odd cosplayer (I didn't see any this time) and the regular people can be quite nerdy and strange haha. You might catch a glimpse of an interesting t-shirt or two, or even a completely coordinated outfit in homage to a favorite anime.

And I was also able to see this character on the street, doing a very cute bouncy dance. I know I have seen this character before, it's from some anime? I don't remember at all. If you know the characters name or it's origin, please let me know in a comment haha!

What character is this??

I have a lot more photos from Akihabara, and I will certainly write more about my day there. I just can't do it all at once because it would become like a novel haha^^ I will also go to a Maid Cafe later in the month so I can give you guess a review and report! I am not looking forward to having to say the silly "moe" things that make you say to make your food magical though haha!

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  1. The girls are so cute! :3

  2. maid cafes!! wow they sure are pretty! i once saw a segment by kelly osbourne wherein she went to japan and got a maid job, she was totally freaked out!

  3. Love your photos! The maid cafe will be interesting haha, I love seeing them on tv....

  4. They're so pretty~!
    I'm pretty sure that's Mocchi from Monster Rancher. He's cute! :3

  5. Sometimes I feel sorry for the Akiba maids, especially the ones on the street. It must be hard to be ogled all day long by the nerdy types who frequent that district. Still, I suppose the know what they're getting themselves into when they sign up...

  6. Some character from monster rancher!! I haven't seen that show in ages! XD Akihabara looks pretty crowded indeed! My friend who goes there occasionally says he can never NOT spend money whenever he's there haha

  7. Akiba looks so interesting. O: For some reason every time I think of Akiba I think of Densha Otoko. ^^; Ehe.

  8. Hm... so cool.. i hope i can go maid cafe again^^

    but when i was maid cafe last year. i could see that the maids changed after a special time. means 1 hour is the one girl outsite she came back an other girl went out . i don´t know if this girls maybe was the beauty in the cafe. but for my opinion. i saw beautifuler girls at my time working in the cafe xD

    also when you have time and you go maid cafe take the dream bla bla.. forget name X_X but it gives two big cafes dreamaid or something like that. there also working woman working in men´s clothes looking like host but with visual kei make up. i never thought that i could find a woman so hot XD

    but i love your photos i hope i can make so beautiful too X_X i forget always to take photos xD

  9. Mocchi, monster rancher was soo cool lol, awesome pics by the way, I'm always jealous of people with awesome photos on their blog, I never remember to take pics.

  10. Monster Ranchers!! >o< Interesting post! I want to go to a maid cafe when I'm in Japan! Thank you for finding time and effort to update!! :D

  11. I've always wanted to visit inner otaku is just screaming to visit it once! lol these pictures just make me wanna go even more. The last picture of that pink character looks familiar. It's so cute!


    mah, I ordered a maid dress for the nippon-day in germany at the end of may, I hope I'll look as cute as they do...

  13. The maids are sosososo cute ♥
    & I ♥ the pinky character thingy ♥

  14. i wish I was a maid everyday :p I'm helping out at one this summer and i did last summer and it was so much fun ^^
    *thankfully there were no perverts*

    I really wanna go to one in japan!!!
    and cute photos ^^

  15. the maids are so cute! I wanto to visit Akiba once~ thanks for sharing pictures and using your time to update! n__n

  16. Cute maids!! I stil remember the time I went to the maid cafe, and the girls were all cute! But it also seems that they send their cutest maids to the streets, hahaha!

    The character is from an Anime called Monster Rancher. But I haven't seen it for quite a while now... I think it's called Mochi or so.

  17. aww, akihabara!
    First thing I did when I got there was going to the Gamers building *DiGiCharat fan*
    This may sound weird, but I think it'd be fun to work as a maid, not giving flyers, but serving in the cafe. "You can look but you can't touch!" haha that would be my motto...

  18. ola!visito a um tempo o seu blog,e adoro o seu jeito de retratar a vida aqui no japao,
    fui em akihabara e constatei que as garotas nao gostam de serem fotografadas,hahaha!
    um beijao.

  19. I never really dared to go to a maid café actually, maybe because almost only men go there, but I'm gonna do it this time! ^__^

  20. Omo~ I always thought Japan was a city full of cute and hot guys walking around everywhere... Haha~ I'm such a weirdo or i just might have read to much manga or some some xD

    The boy on the first picture with the beige hat is kinda cute though :P :D Haha~

    Omo~ I really hope I'll be able to visit JP next year!~ <3

    It seem like you're having so much fun even though it's stressy and allot to fix before bed time and stuff, editing~ Though i think you should relax a lil bit more it's still you vacation and you should have fun and relax ~ <3

    Hmm well that's about it~ <3 Huggles and thnx for sharing! Peace and Ice cream LOVE Awee~

  21. Haha~ Now that i think about it... I might scare people when i visit there...Hahahaha~ xD Or they just might get shocked when they see a 1.83 cm tall chick xD... Omo~ How sad D':.... -_-;;...

  22. Mocchi!! :'D Oh I miss that series~ <33

  23. awww~the maids look so cute! ^.^
    I'd love to visit a maid cafe! <3 <3

  24. I love your photos so much :D!!
    I went to a Maid Cafe in Akihabara, to experience it...and the girls were so cute.

  25. Those are nice photos, especially the first one. I'm glad that even though it was so crowded, you could still have a good time.


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