Sunkus conbini, and Lip Service Collaboration

Hi! How are you today? I am busy hehe^^ Today I will be leaving early to meet up with Kazumi in Shibuya so I don't have too much time to write a long post today. I've been going to a lot of Matsuri recently, and I just love that! I think photographing matsuri, and especially food stalls is my favorite thing to do in Japan.

I don't think I've ever mentioned it before, but you can see all my Japan photos at my Picasa webgallery. Everything is up to date, so you can see my photos from the past few days, even before I write about them here haha^^

Lip Service display in Sunkus

Anyway, yesterday while I was walking around I was keeping my eye open for an Sunkus conbini since Mitsu introduced the awesome Lip Service collaboration they are currently doing on her blog. I think, I am low on cash always, and this would be a great way to get my hands on some Lip Service goods hehe^^

And this being Japan, I didn't have to go to long before I did find a Sunkus hehe. Sunkus's name doesn't mean anything per se, however when you say it it sound like how a Japanese person would say "Thank You" or so I've heard haha. When I say it it just sounds like "Sun Cuss" haha! Anyhow, I found the Lip Service display front and center!

Lip ServicexSunkus shu shu

I picked out the mint green shu shu with Lip Service written all over it in script. I thought it was the cutest, although the pink and purple tulle shu shu was a close second. But what cinched it for me was the Lip Service logo, if you are going to buy brand why not show it? haha.

Which Lip ServicexSunkus item do you like best? (this answer will be important later hopefully^^)

While I was there I also bought a Lipton Limone Tea drink because it came with a sweets strap! I have been waiting years to get a free sweets strap from Lipton. They have collaborations several times a year with big name sweets companies to make really cute straps. I couldn't pass up that chance hehe.

8tokyo always has great coverage on drink freebies, check out their collection, especially the Lipton collaboration freebies^^

Lipton Limone TeaxHironobu Tsujiguchi freebie sweet strap

I also took some photos of sweet food items in the conbini so I will share those with you before I sign off. When you see photos like these maybe you can see why it's so hard to diet in Japan! haha, but I've been doing very well. I tell myself "even Japanese diet food is new to me!" ^^ I hope you enjoyed this short post! hehe^^

Some of the sweets you can buy at Sunkus

Chou creme 3 pack

From top left: Matcha cream daifuku, Chocolate cream daifuku, cream cakes and tsubu an dorayaki
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  1. Hey Sara! Your blogs always make me :D because you're always so excited about everything that you're experience (def. a compliment). Seems like you're having a lot of fun!! Remember to be careful. ^___^

  2. Have fun on your play date XD

    everything looks so yummy, my diet would DIE in japan I am sure!! I wish I could be there with youuuuu! than working full time this summer, but gotta save for japan somehow! right? You should do a shopping service while youre there and have ppl send you the monies via paypal i'd totally do that if you were interested DX shipping handling and all :D

    oh and you totally gave me another idea for the zine! you're so awesome!!

  3. That combini sounds super awesome! AHHH!!!!!!! That snacks looks AMAZING! I'd probably get reeeeally fat (and broke) if I ever went to Japan again.
    The Lipton freebie is so cute!<3
    It sucks that you can't get any of that stuff here, where I live at least. >.>"

  4. The Lipton sweets straps are soooo cute!!
    I hope one day I could get it in Taiwan.
    I like small and cute things also, and this sweets straps really hit me, hehe.

  5. Love the shu shu and strap! :) Oh my, now I feel like making a run to my local Japanese market...hehe.

  6. Supercute shushu! I love the color and brand print! ;D And sooo many yummy foods....

  7. Thanks for linking to your Picasa gallery, I can't wait to go through all the pictures!
    (That makes me sound like stalker doesn't it? haha)

  8. I want to have a lip service shu shu too ;_; It looks so so cuute :3
    And all those sweets make me hungry. It would be hard not to taste anything or? :D

  9. ahh i love this with lipton last year you get dounuts und co... i drunk only lipton ice tea xD and one day i got buy pink lipton dougnought. but this time the accessories look better more expensiver then last year to my time in japan xD

    and i love the lip service hair gum X_X

  10. I was quite disappointed with the Lip ServiceXSunkus collab.I quite like the mint scrunchie that you bought and also the heart-shaped case in red, but some of the items look a little cheap. Can't argue with the price though!
    By the way, in your first food picture - bottome shelf, right. Those cheese-cake slices are the best, please try them! So cheap too!

  11. aaah the food looks so delicious <3

  12. I want to be with you in Japan and go shopping! *___*
    I want dorayaki!! ;____;
    I want everythiiiing! :D

  13. ahh you ought to check out lawson they always cute rilakkuma stuff ;) yeah sweets from combini are often tempting! haha

  14. oh the strap looks super lovely! really wish I could be there!!

  15. ohh i saw all your picasa gallery~
    i love your pics and your looks! thank you so much for pics again!!
    oh i wanna taste that sweets... it looks delicious!
    you're sooo cute~
    and realllyyyyyyyy lucky!
    thanks for posting~~~^^

  16. I like those scrunchies! I see some other colours i'd like, like the purple or red one but I think the mint one you chose is really cute too!
    Oh my look at all those yumyums! Damn I need some right now :D

  17. Oh my, I'm getting hungry when I see all those sweets. :D
    I'll check your pictures right away, I'm so curious about the matsuri pictures! I love matsuris. (^_^)

  18. very cute i want the mint scrunchie ^^

  19. I love the combinis for having these collabs with famous brands! And I absoliutely adore the omake gifts coming with for example Nattchan. Last year I got a cute Miffy strap through that. Actually I bought the bottle just because of Miffy, but it turned out to be quite yummy after all :-))

    I really wish I could be there with you in Tokyo!!! But we will meet next time for sure!!
    Atm I am working three part time jobs to earn enough money for my next trip, so XDDD

  20. Like everyone else said..those pics of the convenience store food is making me hngry! And makes me wanna go back soon...

  21. WHYYYYYY do Japanese sweets always look SO GOOD?! They make me want to quit my job and open a patisserie!


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