It's really spring in Japan! IMG hvy

Wow, it's already my 3rd day in Japan? How can time pass so quickly, it's going to be June in no time for sure! Well yesterday was a very nice day, the weather was great and I got lots of great photos. It was almost too warm for my jean jacket at the mid-point during the day, I have to really recommend May as a good month to visit Japan!

As I mentioned in my last post, I went out to Akihabara yesterday and boy it sure was super crowded! Haha XD I get really tired walking through crowds, but there were so many interesting people to look at, even super stylish cute cute gyaru! I was wearing high heals yesterday, and my feet are so hurt today! I got blisters, sores and the ball of the foot is super sensitive. TT

I didn't get into a Maid Cafe however, they were all super crowded because of Golden week, and I didn't feel like waiting in line for hours. I promise I will go later in May, and have a great report for you! But I did get a lot of nice photos of maids on the street, and I can get those for free haha!

A flowering tree

But as I said, the weather in Japan right now is really beautiful. There are flowers blooming everywhere! When I left Minnesota the only flowers that had begun blooming were the lilacs and tulips. Our apple tree hadn't even flowered. So I was so envigorated to see all the beautiful plants here in Tokyo along my daily route.

Everyday I walk the same streets, and along the Shinnakagawa river, to get to the train station. Back in January, I though the views were pretty good even though most plants were dormant. But now, everything looks so warm! I will just leave you with the photos I took of flowers yesterday, I hope it will brighten up your day!

Along the river there are all these shaped flower bush fences. Natural, beautiful and useful!

Even cement can't hold back the flowers

I always pass this small personal farm on my daily route! I wonder if they sell the vegetables?

A young couple enjoying a picnic with portable grill along the river

These flowers look tropical to me

So many people in Japan have huge gardens crammed into the small spaces around their homes. It really makes the urban landscape more lovely!

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  1. Nice flower photos. Yes, having everything bloom earlier is one nice thing about Japan compared to the Midwest.

  2. I'll bet it was a real feat getting through the Akihabara crowds on Golden Week (regular weekends are crowded enough as it is, even moreso with this excellent weather).

    Just don't get your hopes up too much about the Maid cafes, from what I hear the staff typically fall short of expectations. I'm speaking from a man's perspective, of course...

    PS. I swear Japan has to be home to 95% of the world's population of potted plants. It's insane. A good thing, but obsessive in degree.

  3. I'm always impressed by the tiny gardens people make in balconies and doorways in Japan. I never even grew a cactus there :P

    Hope you're having a fabulous time! <3

  4. really nice photos
    the colors are fantastic

    big bang played either last year or the year before, i think

  5. V. Nice photos.

  6. Wow, so pretty! I have never been to Japan in May, only in summer and autumn! Can't wait to get there again!

  7. beautiful flowers great to know about japan spring season

  8. time seriously goes by too quickly when you're on vacation :((( I feel like that right now. Enjoy the rest of your stay, dear! hope to see you there :)

  9. oh its so beautiful!!!!
    you lucky lucky thing!
    even if you didn't get to go to the Maid Cafe, you got to see and photograph the surroundings!

  10. No sakura? I hope you can see some!

  11. I love that pic of the couple having a picnic *^_^*

  12. Aww it does look so warm and feels like it truly is spring. Unlike over here the flowers are blooming, but it is soooo cold! ;_;
    I'm glad you are enjoying your days in Japan! (:

  13. Love your pictures <3
    Is it humid?

  14. I didn't realize you were traveling during Golden Week ]X SUFFOCATING, NE!? I love the tiny container gardens!! Mostly b/c it's how I have to enjoy flowers too~

  15. These pictures are wonderfully. I can definitely sense a summer-coming feel from them.
    It sucks that you couldn't get into the maid cafe, but another time I guess.
    Haha, I forgot it was already Golden Week in Japan, because of the time difference.
    I wish you could stay in the summer too, so there would be festival pictures, and stuff like that. But May is just as good.
    And I hope your feet feel better! Wear comfortable shoes next time!


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