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Happy happy Thursday my friends! How has your week been so far? Thursday is usually my favorite day since I don't have Friday classes, but this Thursday is especially exciting for me since I am leaving for Tokyo tomorrow. I am not so excited or nervous, I don't really feel that way about traveling anymore. I traveled too much the past couple of years I guess haha.

Today I had to go back to my school's St. Paul campus which is a hike for me, to return a textbook and buy a different one. I don't want to bore you with my school complaints anymore, but I truly hope this will be the last issue for this semester ^^;;

I thought today would be a nice day to regale you with cute items, who doesn't love cute items? hehe^^ I want to share some things I found on the Tralala webshop today and yesterday that I think are particularly nice.

Tralala is a sistershop to the big sweet gyaru brand Liz Lisa. The items at Tralala tend to be lower price and a bit more pop than Liz Lisa, I think (honestly I am not expert on these brands, so please feel free to share your knowledge with me^^) Right now they are using the Ageha model Rin to showcase many of their items.

Photobucket Photobucket

One item that I have been seeing for awhile in magazines and shops are cross-body straps for cellphones. Basically you attach the strap to your mobile phone like any other strap, but it is long enough to wear over your shoulder! It looks really cute and useful, especially when you are going out but might not need to bring a bag or wallet.

Tralala has a couple of cute options. The left hand strap that features denim fabric and gold chain, it's really cute but classy and trendy. However if you want something even cuter or girlier they also have this pink beaded strap with a ribbon^^


Speaking of super girly, this headband ribbon is just amazing in my mind! I mean look at the size of the ribbon compared to the headband haha. It's truly a head eating ribbon. I think I might buy this just for fun. You're only young once, and you should have as much fun with your wardrobe as you can!


And this pink skirt is a good match for the ribbon, the light pink fabric looks really great with the ruffly fluffy cut. I think this skirt is so princess like, I mean it's beyond girly even hehe^^ It was featured in the May issue of Popteen, so perhaps it will be popular!

However my personal style is not nearly so girly, I mean I love cute things like those above items, but I am quite sure I wouldn't look very good wearing them haha^^ I did purchase some items from Tralala (with the help of my super gracious friend, Thank you~~) which are a bit more neutral in styling.


I picked up this fedora because I like fedoras very much. The can can hat may be taking over as the top hat in the spring season, but I am still seeing some fedoras and pageboys in the magazines. I couldn't beat the price either, 1050yen!

I also got this black ruffle lace skirt (actually from Liz Lisadoll) and grey loose shirt. I mentioned before that I needed a nice black skirt and this one looked like it fit the bill! It has an elastic waistband that goes up to 86cm, so I hope it will fit haha. And I just really liked the grey color and cut of the shirt. A v-neck makes the neck appear longer, so you look taller.

Photobucket Photobucket

Well that's it for today, I hope this entry was enjoyable enough. I will have enough time to post the Fashion Hime Friday interview tomorrow before I leave, so please look forward to it!
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  1. pretty clothing ^^
    have a safe trip and enjoy it!

  2. those clothes are to cute for my taste. i would not wear them but i think liz lisa and tralala have very cute clothes. but not for me :) do you want to buy some of them when you are in japan?

  3. This name... I'm still laughing about Tralala. XD
    I love this pink ruffled skirt! (*o*) This just fits so much my i-need-light-clothes-mood, I should get it or sew a similar one. :D
    Have a good flight and an awesome exciting and beautiful stay at Japan. <3

  4. I really think cross-body straps for cellphones is a great idea! I'd definetely buy one if I found a nice one. Just as you said, for these times when you don't need to take a bag, wallet, etc with you.

    And lots of love to LizLisa, I've been in love with it since I discovered it!

    Have a safe trip tomorrow!

  5. These phone straps are super cute! I really love Liz Lisa, so adorable. ^_^

    I hope your trip goes smoothly and you have an insanely fantastic time! <3

  6. These items are really kawaii! I think I would really adore the phone strap because it's just so cute, and actually, the chain reminds me of the Chanel's bag chains? Not sure if you know what I'm talking about, but how much are those straps? Can you please share?

    & have a safe trip!! <3 I hope you have a wonderful time and that everything goes well! Take care, sweets!

  7. I love these items! I can see myself purchasing the first necklace and the black ruffle lace skirts. I love the pink one but it's too girly. Maybe I would have considered buying it in my lolita days. But even so, that big bow looks mighty tempting ^ ^

  8. i'm writing here for the first time, but i've enjoyed your blog for a while now...just wanted to say that
    and! your countdown on the side keeps scaring me becuase the day you arrive in tokyo will be the day i take my SATs > - < unfair! :)

  9. Great post! I think the pink skirt is sooooo cute, even if it is extremely girly! Have a safe and fun time in Tokyo! Best wishes! ^.^

  10. Tralala items are really great! When I saw them last year I was really considering to buy one of those cute items, but in the end, I decided to save up my money for other things...XD

    I wish you so much fun in Japan!! You are are really lucky to go there again , just having returned in January!!

  11. lucky lucky you, have an awesome trip to japan!

    tralala is such a cute label ♥ and i'm such a sucker for everything cute XD the skirt especially stole my heart, it just looks so fluffy and sweet, like cotton candy * A *

  12. thank you so much for the sweet comment <3

    yeah those wires are annoying :( I thought "yay I get it removed" but I even need a new one..
    Yes did they go back? But your teeth look so straight on pics!

    And thanks for the tip with the thicker belt, that could be a solution ^^ mine is a bit too wide, so it doesn't really stay at the waist. I'll look out for a thicker one now :3

    that blue necklace looks so cute! I'd totally pick it up if I saw it ^^
    Looking forward to FHF!

  13. I like the first Tralala accessory!
    Its not really my kind of style, but the clothes that you've shown up there are really nice!

    Im such a loser, I can never decide on what to wear and I don't really follow hit-on trends, so I just tend to wear whatever I can find...grr! Its so annoying haha!

    Ive noticed that you have one day left til your trip! How exciting! I had another dream about Japan last night....come on October! haha

  14. Everything is so cute! I like the gray sweater outfit paired with the light blue necklace. :3

    Have a safe trip to Japan!

  15. Love the cute skirts
    Hope you have a fun and safe trip to Japan
    Take lots of photos!!

  16. Love that big headband ribbon. go for it. :-)

  17. I loooooooooooooooooooooooooove Tralala!

    It's my favourite brand *Q*

  18. I am super duper excited for you!!! You have a safe trip while I gish over this incredibly cute skirt you posted!! :D

  19. Your poupee looks so cute btw! suteki for u! Have fun on your trip soak up some Japan for the rest of us here XD!! take lots of pictures :)

  20. I love the pink skirt and I love Tralala xD

    I ordered the last year but now it's impossible cause my friend leaves Japan >.<

    And I didn't search a shopping service ^^

    You're right, buy the ribbon, the life must be funny \o/

  21. I bought a black ruffle skirt today too! Great minds, haha. I'm looking forward to seeing how you style it!

  22. Everything is cute! Have a nice trip and enjoy shopping! ^^ I'm looking forward for this pretty lace shorts haehee! :D

    Recomment: It would be awesome to do a swap with you when you get to Japan :D
    Do you have any wishes Sweety?

  23. Ah, you're probably on your flight now! Have a safe journey. The bows and ruffles definitely put a smile on my face. =D

  24. Oooh!! Hope you have a safe trip!!
    The clothes are so cute! I really like the cross body phone thinger also~ Cute idea!!
    And I'm with you style-wise, I'm a neutral girl most of the time also. ;D


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