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Hello again friends, I apologize for the boring post yesterday, I really could have done better if I tried haha. In regards to it several people asked me how I planned to bring back the items I will buy in Japan. Actually I don't think I will buy so many things since I don't have much spending money, but I did pack a duffel bag underneath my clothing. So when I come back I may have 5 bags! haha

And also I never believed that my Sailor Moon collection post would be as popular as it was. I am still receiving comments on it, and I am so happy that it was nostalgic for so many people. I'm very glad we can share that interest! Is there any other vintage things you would like to see photos of?

Interior of Pasta-kan, saw some cute girls here since in was in the heart of Shibuya^^

Today I am pleased to present a write up of the restaurant Pasta-kan, the last (full-length) post about Japan Trip 4! I may do some snapshot posts later, but this is the last one I will do that is in-depth. But never fear I head off to Tokyo in 2 days to bring you back new topics and photos hehe^^

Can anyone tell me why a okonomiyaki and monjayaki restaurant is named Pasta-kan? It seems they have some soba dishes, but their menu is dominated by grill-top items that the name does not allude to haha! At Pasta-kan you can make your own okonomiyaki and monjayaki right at your own table, so it's really fun!

Directions, condiments and info

I went to this restaurant with my friend during my last night in Tokyo, and it was a very nice last meal I think. Especially because this is not something I could easily find near me, can you image having a hot flat-grill in the middle of your table in America? Any restaurant doing that here would be sued right out of business haha!

Anyhow, I left the decision making up to my friend, since like I said before I am not opinionated enough to pick food haha! We ended up with a mentaiko okonomiyaki and a mixed monjayaki. I had okonomiyaki a couple times before, but never monjayaki.

My friend was kind enough to cook the food for us, since I didn't really know how and I didn't want to mess it up particularly. However there are pretty easy to follow cooking directions at each table, so it shouldn't be too hard to do it yourself even if it's your first time cooking it.

Mentaiko okonomiyaki batter

Adding the mixed up batter to the grill

Finished okonomyaki, are you hungry?

The okonomiyaki came out quite good, as you can see in the photo we dressed it ourselves and there is not much mayo compared to normal amounts on okonomiyaki. Actually I don't like mayo haha!

But it was the monjayaki that was very interesting for me, because I had never seen one before. the cooking steps are quite different from cooking okonomiyaki. So the final product is very different in appearence and texture. Even when it is totally cooked it doesn't look quite right/finished haha!

Mixed monjayaki batter, with shrimp, squid and pork

First you chop up the dry ingredients, form a circle and then you put the wet batter in the middle of the circle

Finished monjayaki, yes finished! Are you still hungry? haha!

In the end I prefered the okonomiyaki, to me the flavor was better. It might just be because the ingredients were different between the two, or because the monjayaki was more gooey. But either way it was a very fun experience. It's much more exciting to cook your own food at a restaurant. You can be entertained instead of waiting, and you don't have to do the dishes after! haha^^

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  1. Im hungry right now!! and this post made me hungrier, must get something to eat!

  2. I adore monjayaki!! It's a shame okonomiyaki & monjayaki are still elusive Japanese foods yet to broadly be picked up in the US. We HAD an okonomiyaki place locally but it closed :(

    I really like all the different varieties of the "cook yourself" food places in Japan. And you're right, thanks to sue-crazy Americans we'll never have that. Only 1 place here does actual make your own sukiyaki on your own grill. Other places just serve you pre-made sukiyaki *dies inside*

  3. Both look positively delicious! :9 Now your making me thinking about trying to make okonomiyaki at home. XD

  4. that monojayaki-thingey looks.... x'D
    I wonder how it tasted! I'll so going to try out anything I can get (& am able to pay xD)

    In my village, there's a chinese restaurant that cooks the food infront of your eyes, I think its cool xD and since I am an EPIC FAIL in cooking, I guess I prefer my food to be cooked by a professional lD

  5. Oh I really need to try Okonomiyaki, it looks so delicious! (*o*)
    About the Monjayaki I'm not sure. XD

  6. omg very cool ^^
    btw ur posts are never boring!

  7. Okonomiyaki is one of my favourite foods, I love it so much.

    And only two days till Tokyo! That's really exciting!

  8. I've been reading your blog every day for a while now. I love to read it very dearly ^^. Every time you make a post about Japan I have something more to add to things I must do there. I've never been there myself, sadly, but I'm still pretty young (fifteen haha). I convinced my mother to go with me in about two years maybe..

    The food in here looks just delicious, I've always wanted to try okonomiyaki, I wonder what it tastes like. I'd have to get accustomed to eating seafood I'm afraid (I really hate it haha, but in Japan it's so common!). But this looks seafood-free and so yummy! Agh I bet I would mess up if I had to do it myself though!
    You are right about the monjayaki, it still looks kind of raw like that. I'd still like to eat it though, your blog makes me so hungry all the time! xD

    Do have lots of fun in Japan, I envy you haha! I am looking forward to the new posts you'll return with.

  9. I love okonomiyaki to death! (I didn't even know of the existence of monjayaki thought)
    I had it two times while I was in Japan, first time for new year (what a great way to start the year!) and we cooked it ourselves!
    We were lucky enought we had a friend who already knew how to cook it!
    Second time it was at a restaurant in Asakusa, and the owner did all the work. Both were absolutely fantastic. Since then, it's one of my favorite dishes.

    I thought I was the only one who didn't like mayo! Everyone's so mad about it, and I can't stand it u,u

    Oh, and have a safe trip to Japan, and I know you'll do, but have lots of fun there!

  10. yummy yummy yummy, I really want to find a place like that in Chicago, i'll let you know if i do. but there are places like that in the city my friends tells me about it, also korean bbq places have grills in the middle that you can cook on. No american restaurants with a bunch of illbreed kids...well..i denno about that :/

  11. Great job reporting as usual. Hope you have a great flight, and a great time in Japan.

  12. I love Okonomiyaki!! I am so glad I was able to try them in Japan, specially in Osaka, where they are supposed to taste best in the coutry!

    We also have an okonomiyaki shop here in Düssseldorf, and the shop owners are Japanese!

  13. Ooh, making okonomiyaki looks and sounds like it's both fun & delicious! I'll have to try it when I finally get to Japan. ^ ^ I'm just hoping it comes without pork, though.

    Congratulations on finishing packing and I wish you a safe flight to Japan~

  14. One of my dream is I can eat the real okonomiyaki in Japan one day. Last time I didn't have chance to eat at the restaurant, and it's funny to know that okonomiyaki was called pasta-kan, no clue why it would be translated like that.

    Really looks so yummy, hehe.

  15. That sounds (and looks) like a really nice place! If there was one near me, I'd totally go there to try out all those things.
    I've never eaten okonomiyaki before, so that's definately on my list of japanese food to try :3

  16. I love okonomiyaki!! :) A lot of Japanese prefer okonomiyaki over monjyayaki too. I guess because monjyayaki kind of look like...yeah. haha
    But yes! Hope to see you next month :) have a nice flight.

  17. That looks great! I love okonomiyaki...but I'm not wild about monjayaki. I think it's because I'm lazy and the latter requires a little more effort. For everyone who doesn't live in Japan - you can make a pretty good version of this in a large frying pan. Obviously it's not as fun as doing around a table, but as long as you're with friends, what does it matter?

  18. oh wow DIY food restaurant!! That looks like fun :D We had a lot of those hot plate style food places in Taiwan (even at night markets) but none that you can make it yourself! That is so cool :3

  19. hellooo ^^
    thank you for sharing japan pics with us! its a dream going there so when you show pics i stay so happy thinking about being there... you're nice and gentle, i like your way!!
    thank you so much for posting~ please never stop!

  20. I am definitely with you on it being more fun to cook your own food at a resto! =) That looks so amazingly delicious.

  21. Wow, that looks yummy. From the photos, I would prefer the Okonomiyaki over the Monjayaki. xD

  22. It looks sooooo I want to make pancakes..particularly pajeon...omnoms

  23. Waah i've always wanted to try that out! i've only read it on a manga before :P Haha~ I finally saw the real thing! :D Ohhh I'm kinda full now as i ate allot of food so saying oh yummy right now just doesnt feel right... uff* But still I'm sure it's really yummy as it looks like it! Something i absolutely have to try out someday!

    Hihi~ Thank you hun~ Haha~ Love reading your blog! It gives away a really coozy feelin' <3 Lovin it! :3 Huggles and keep it up!


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