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Well it seems I can finally get back to being lazy and doing whatever I like during the day haha XD And it also seems I will be spending another semester at school, which ruins everything really TT I am still considered a beginning Junior, because the credits I'm earning right now don't count towards my total.

So I can't take my required senior classes until next spring! I was planning to finish by next spring, but if I can start my senior classes until then, obviously I have to go longer TT I really really wanted to move to Japan next summer, I am sick of waiting! Honestly school is like torture to me, and now...oh I can't think about it.

Anyhow, today I thought I would do something I've been thinking about doing for awhile now. I want to share with everyone my collection of Sailor Moon items I collected when I was a little kid. I guess it's a vintage collection now huh? haha Because most of the items are from around 1995-96.

These are the trading cards they sold in Toys R Us in vending machines for .25$ a piece. I think I have nearly the entire collection, all the series, so I don't even want to think about how much my mom spent on these. But I'm really glad I have them now^^

These are my various media items from Sailor Moon, the original VHS with the English version episodes, kinda out of order haha. There is also the 3D Adventures of Sailor Moon CD-Rom; system requirements = Windows 95 haha XD A cassette tape of some random Sailor Moon stories read by a narrator. And of course the CDs.

And the pride of my collection I guess, or atleast some of the more valuable items; the wands! These are all American versions, and the Moon Kaleidescope is going for around 150$ on ebay. But I ain't selling it! Do you think I would be able to find some wands in Japan? I want to get more!

I have a little Luna figurine too, I just forgot to include her

These are various little items I picked up while I was collecting. As you can see several of the items are from the Sailor Moon Fan Club, that apparently fell apart just after it started haha. And the official Sailor Moon lipstick which is turning yellow now XD along with a set of plastic Sailor Moon rings.

Now this is my collection of Sailor Moon Dolls, both the large and small sizes. I got nearly all of them except the first series Sailor Mercury. Would not believe how many toy stores I went to looking for her, but I never found her! I had to settle for the newer version of her. I wonder why they made Prince Diamond though... haha!

Oh Sailor Moon's skirt is turning purple with age...

Of course if I showed everything I have of Sailor Moon, it'd would probably take 10 pages and all day to talk about it. I have all the comics, tons of VHS copies of the shows off of TV, wall scrolls and poster, the manga, artbooks etc.

Sailor was really the thing I loved the most when I was an elementary school student^^ I hope I don't seem like a crazy anime nerd now. I don't think it's strange that I loved Sailor Moon so much when I was little. And I'm not the type to toss out the things I love. Sailor Jupiter was my favorite, maybe you can see why?

I liked her best because I think we look alike. Yes, I have her hair baubles which are teal not green!

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  1. OMG!!! I collected Sailor Moon cards too! I have sooooo many (we must have spent a small fortune on them =.= ). I also bought their manga, toys etc... I know who/where to pass these things to now hahaha XD

  2. Haha, awesome. I really got into Sailor Moon when I was younger too! Loved the manga. :)

  3. Wow, I LOVE your Sailor Moon collection! I fell very miserable now, because I don't have much left. I threw away my Sailor Moon Comics when I was 12. That's...shame on me! (>.<)
    And you have the wands! That's so unbelieveable awesome and.. I envy you. Searched on ebay so long to get one for my Cosplay. Why didn't my mother bought me such a thingy when I was little and totally crazy about Sailor Moon too? XDDD
    And..maybe you should Cosplay Sailor Jupiter or Makoto some time? I think this really suits you. :)

    I fell sorry for you, for getting destroyed your plans of moving to Japan next summer. I'm feeling bothered by school as well, and everytime when I think about the money I already have for my 1year long trip to Japan, I'm feeling really depressed.
    So... just keep it going, otherwise you'll maybe have to reget getting school not fully done and so on. (Oh my..such a long comment and very crappy English tonight. Sorry!)

  4. great collection!
    You look just like her!!

  5. Jupiter was my favourite too!!! WOW, I love the dolls collection!


    I bet Sailor Moon has a LOT to do with a generation of girls getting into Japanese art

    Sailor Saturn ftw

    happy 30th anniversary Serraaa Myuuuun

  7. awh cute sailor moon ^^

    your so cute :3
    I think you should cosplay as one of them :3

  8. SAILOR MOOON!!!!! ♥
    Woah, you had the original ones!
    I had to play with the barbies of my mother and therefor cut their hairs to the lentgh of the sailor moon figures & painted them with PENCILS LOL. The most awesome was sailor mercury with her blue hair LOLZ.
    Ur collection is so so love <3

  9. Sweet! I love Sailor Moon stuff. There is SO much merchandise though, wow. :)

    I have some cards and things too, but I've seen some really wow collections on the net and it's endless!

  10. that's cute!!

    My mom unearthed my box of Hamtaro stuff last night! I love all the toys and stuff I used to have as a kid~

    Its great to see im not the only one who likes feeling nostalgic from time to time!

  11. hahah your collection is amazing!
    i used to lovee sailor moon as well...but I didn't collect nearly as much stuff as you did :P
    seriously cute though!

  12. OMG I used to love watching Sailor Moon!! My favorite show as a child. Oh man I even had some sailor moon collectibles but i'm pretty sure it has all been thrown out ;_;

  13. LOL You are too cute! I wished I had some collection of some kind from when I was a kid!

    <33 Rena

  14. Ahhh!! That's so awesome!! I sadly wasn't able to watch Sailor Moon when it aired in the U.S...but that didn't mean I wasn't a fan! I still splurged all the manga series and things!! One of my friends has an awesome cosmic brooch tat also!!

  15. omg I used to have the sailor moon and sailor mars dolls! But have them all ;O and you do look like sailor jupiter (that's the right one, yes?) hehe

    and yeah! Donki has EVERYTHING. But, it's too hard to shop around in there because it's so cramped -_-

  16. hahaha how cutee ♥ you are with sailor jupiter ^^ i am happy i sold my sailor moon mangas here in germany and i got around 260 euro for them xD

  17. That's pretty cool! Do you ever wear the rings?

    Delayed plans suck, but it will all work out in the end. I wanted to go to Japan in high school, but didn't get to until last year. And it ended up being really great and I met some super people. So I'm glad it happened then. :)

  18. Aww, I'm sorry your plans aren't working out. But I like to think that everything happens for a reason, so I'm sure that, in the end, something good will come of it. It'll be kind of sad in the meantime, but I'm sure it will all work out for the best.

    And I loved Sailor Moon when I was a kid, too, so don't worry about that. Your collection is really cute! ^^

  19. OMG, I totally love your Sailor Moon Collection!!! It makes me feel really nostalgic, since I LOVED it too as a child, and still love it today. Why should be ashamed of liking Sailor Moon? It was the trigger to my interest in Japan in the first place.
    I just realized, the charas have slightly different names in the US than here in Germany.
    I also think that your collection must be worth a whole fortune now! The items are absolutely not available anymore.

    You are a perfect Sailor Jupiter, btw. Really pretty foto!

    Argh, really bad you have to do another semester, but that happend to me, too! Now I am working part-time to earn money for my year of Working Holiday in Japan, hopefully this autumn, but I think it is gonna be spring next year... everything's delaying :-(

  20. Oh man, I was/am a huge Sailor Moon fan myself. I used to cosplay as Sailor Moon (I have her original sailor scout uniform, Eternal Sailor Moon from the musicals, and Princess Serenity) . I show pictures to my students at Halloween and the kids freak out.

    I'm sorry to hear about school being a butt - to be honest, I sometimes wish I was back in school because working in Japan is not all fun and games. There is a lot of mistreatment of ALTs in the workplace because we are foreigners and considered part time workers, but expected to work like full time workers. I could go on...but I'll spare you :p

  21. Haha you're so lucky ^^

    I have cards, dolls and figurines too <3
    My dolls aren't the same than yours. It's strange.

    Edited by Bandai :)

    Oh, I has the necklace but my sister broke it, I'm so sad T_T

  22. oh wow, such and impressive collection ♥ sailor moon was my absolute favorite cartoon when i was younger, and i still love the show in very nostalgic way. I also listen to the different anime OSTs at youtube every now and then * u *

  23. Omigosh!! >U<))/ so many sailor moon thingies!!! :D *Awee's eyes sparkle sparkle* <3 Omigosh! now i remember how much i liked The toxido mask~ Hahaha~ i sure did have a crush on him~! xD Now that was a reaaally long time ago~ time passes by so fast! It feels like it was yesterday i was playing pokemon and bayblades with my friends~

    Anyways thnx for sharin hun~ :)) Love your collection and it's awesome that you managed to keep all this stuff... i was really into Pokemon and bayblades when i was little...collecting cards and stuff, but I gave away all of em two years ago~ kinda sad but true~

    Huggles* Peace and ise cream! Keep it up!~ <3

  24. Tumblr has reignited my need for Sailor Moon eye candy! So much collection you have!!!! I had the Sailor Moon R wand and whatnot but left it for my little sister (we used to watch it together.)

    OMG You are a total Jupiter! So true!! She was always the cool and calm one *admirable!*

    You can do it, you can get through your senior year and then you're free!! Just gotta stick it out. It's so hard when things get postponed and are completely out of your control :(

  25. i love sailor moon it's cute. my fave is sailor mars.. but i love sailor moon's personality the most

    by the way you look extremely skinny in this picture.. did u lose more weight

  26. Ahh sailor moon how I love it :) nice collection

  27. Oh my goodness! Blast from the past! My love for Sailor Moon is too much for words to say. I told my husband that when we buy a house we will have to have a Sailor Moon Room just for my collection. It is nice to see that it is still loved by alot of people.

  28. <3 Sailor Moon
    I really want a wand!!

  29. FAB post awwwwww. natsukashiiyo >3< i lv sailormoon i miss my toy wands and stickers n everything.. i woner where they went hehe aw so sad x

  30. You do look like the Sailor Moon doll you are in the photo with. Great!

  31. OMG!!! Sailormoon!!! It was the first anime/manga series that I seriously followed, so it has a special place in my heart.

    I have the cards (not the whole collection though), the VCD all the way to the second version of them (what was it called, super sailor or smth?), a VCD of the first movie, a Tuxedo Mask plushie, a few figurines and my prdie and joy is the whole collection of the original manga! I love Usagi's wedding ring!

    aww... school is such a bum! But keep your heads up about it, it'll be done soon k?

  32. OMG the similarities are almost uncanny, and these girls were supposed to be japanese???

    I loved loved loved that show! In my neighborhood I remember Chicago used to have this curvaceous girl dress up as sailor and host it!!! haha! I miss watching it! It did open a lot of doors in my mind. Remember the twins who played the flute? they were my faves, and they werent in the manga right? Plus I also really loved "Katzy" or whatever her japanese name was! KATZY RULED

  33. Oh wow, it's nice to see you've held on to your Sailor Moon collection! I still have mine too, including a bottle of Sailor Moon bubble bath that was shaped like her and had "real" hair. ^ ^ Most of my collection is packed away at my parents' house, but I brought the Sailor Moon alarm clock and posters with me when I started college.

    Oh, and YOU HAVE THE *WANDS*. I remember I was so heartbroken when I couldn't get the Moon Wand. I and my 10-year-old self are kind of jealous. XD But your collection is awesome~ Thank you for sharing!

  34. I have most of this merchandise too, haha. I was also a crazy Sailor Moon fan back in the day. I was in Jr High already when Sailor Moon was big in the US, though.

  35. crazy(:
    i used to have everything but sadly im not sure what happened to it all. and i do mean EVERYTHING. haha although i see ONE thing i had that your collection is missing. the dark rini. why do you not have one?! tisk tisk tisk.


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