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Thank you everyone for your great response to my Sailor Moon collection post yesterday, I was really worried that it might seem like a strange subject matter haha!I have some other collections I might photograph in the future, but my Sailor Moon collection is the largest one I have left intact haha.

Well today will be another Japan Trip 4 post, and after this one there is only one more! I'm actually surprised I could write about this trip all the way until my next one haha, I guess something things just fall into place. Based on this I can expect about 6 months worth of posts from my next trip haha!

Yoyogi Koen

After shopping around Shibuya earlier I headed over to Yoyogi park. Actually I had gotten all turned around while walking in Shibuya, and I didn't realize how I had gotten to Yoyogi Park at first haha. Looking at a map later in the day I thought "Is that really the way I went? It seemed like the opposite direction..." haha!

Actually I had never been to Yoyogi Koen before, not during any of my trips haha, even though it is a tourist destination. Especially since it is known for street performers and the dancing greasers on the weekends haha. But for some reason I had never thought about visiting there in the past.

A band playing in Yoyogi Koen

And even this time I didn't have a full experience with Yoyogi park; I entered it part way, said "Yep, this is the park." and turned around ^^;; However I was able to see one group of preformers in the park before I left. It was a 3 man band playing some rockish type music. The guitar sounded a bit out of tune, but the singer had a nice voice in my opinion.

However they were play not 2 or 3 meters away from this sign haha!

Don't be making your noise here haha!

After heading back out of Yoyogi Koen, I headed to cafe to grab a snack and get out of the cold. It was sunny, but windy so the air was quite biting. The cafe I decided to enter was called And on And (that's so difficult to say, I want to say on and on!) which is a donut cafe run by the Mister Donut company.

And on And has a much more mature and cafe atmosphere than Mister Donut shops, but the clintele didn't appear to be different. There were mostly young couples, but there were also groups of friends and families with small children. Although people were bringing in lots of strollers, I wouldn't recommend that since the tables were packed in rather tightly.

Facade of And on And

I choose a limited time donut, which was tofu or something I think, and my friend got the chocolate donut. The prices were higher than Mister Donut, and the options were not as numerous. I can't say the quality and flavor of the donuts were bad, but it was not as refined or mature as I imagined it would be. Overall they were just ok.

I think they look a little better than they taste haha

I don't think I would ever choose to go to And on And over Mister Donut, but the location near Yoyogi is convenient and the dining room was fairly large (although completely jam packed).

Today's post is a bit short, I used a lot of my brain energy doing a smaller paper earlier today. But with that paper complete, I only need to clean up my big paper and everything is set for the end of the semester. Which is good, because I have seriously checked out haha!
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  1. DONUTS.
    Omg, they are waaay to mature for my eyes!XD
    I am not the type that loves overloaded cute stuff in clothes but YEAH FOR IT ON FOOD.

    About Yoyogi Park, actually, it's my inspirtation. For going to Tokyo, and blah xD I HAVE TO GO THERE. So huge & lovely...

  2. yay doughnuts ^^ and i love the band playing i wish musicians were as cool as tht over here :p

  3. Somehow no comment is popping up in my mind about your post. Sorry! But I wanted to let you know, that I enjoyed reading it very much before heading to sleep now. (^-^)

  4. are you going to japan again? wow~~

  5. thanks for your concern and support

  6. i still love sailormoon and if i had time, id love to rewatch everything!! japanese version ofcourse hehe :D i still use my sailor moon clock :) also yum doouughnuts craves *

  7. I've never heard of that cafe....which really makes me want to try it! Too bad there are none in Sendai. Boo :(

  8. I've heard that there are good singers/bands in Yoyogi Kouen! I have to check that out!

    Ahh, Mr Donuts!!! I want to try it so badly now, after seeing your delicious foto! Hahaha!

  9. glad to hear it hasnt beaten Mister Donut!! I have seen this donut shop around but never been in there before. It's never crossed my mind to go to yoyogi park but i heard loads of crazy stuff goes on there ;)

  10. It hurts my heart to know any donut is not delicious.

    Have fun on your next trip!

  11. YOU KEEP MAKING ME FALL OF THE WAGON! with all these donut pictures!! im so hungry, I WANT DONUTS! That place looks very cute and hip too bad it wasnt as good as it looked. I wish you saw the greaser, Panda wants to be a Japanese greaser everyday he looks more and more like one, his pompadour is growing!!! :D

  12. Jesus you take the best food pictures!!

    Damnit now I want donuts and I'm hungry >_< Mistah Donut does rule, I mean ritsu and Pon are awesome!


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