CandyDoll strawberry pink cheek color review

First off thank you to everyone who took the time to answer my question yesterday! The responses were very interesting, and some things I never even thought of myself. As the consumer base for Japanese things grows, more stuff is available online. I remember 11-12 years ago, there was so little online! Even today however, not everything is available/affordable.

One of the items I was looking forward to buying while in Japan was some CandyDoll cheek color (as they write on the package)/blush. I am the type who prefers to buy cosmetics in store rather than online because I want to try it out on my skin first. Well blushes and eyeshadows are fine, but in this case I just wanted to pay less. Haha.

CandyDoll cheek color, Strawberry Pink

So one evening at my local Picasso store (a mini version of Donki) I picked up some CandyDoll blush. There are three shades of CandyDoll cheek color; Peach Pink, Carrot Orange and Strawberry Pink. Strawberry pink is an intense shade of bright pink that is very girly and pop. I like it because it's not so easy to find vivid blushes like this around MN.

The check color cost Y1240, which seems expensive to me because I am poor, but its very good quality for the price. The pigmentation is very intense! Despite the small package size, it will last you a long while because you don't need to use much at one time. One little swipe on the blush is all you need to get bright pink cheeks^^

A light swatch on the back of my arm

Right now, gyaru are using intense blush, I especially see more and more with the orange hues of blush. So to achieve the super bright/thick blush gyaru are wearing, you'll need a product like this. Regular drugstore American blush is never going to be pigmented enough (in my experience).

CandyDoll blush goes on very easily, but it does not blend very much. Once it's on, it's on! So make sure you place it correctly the first time, otherwise you'll have to really wipe/wash it off. On the other hand, you don't need to use much or put multiple coats. It looks super cute, and actually shows up in photographs!

Even in this washed out photo CandyDoll blush shows up!

Regular blush really washes out in pictures, but this kind will show up nicely - not as bright as real life, but nice for photos^^ I want to try Canmake's cream cheek blushes as well, but I can't imagine myself ever using American blush again haha! And despite my coloring, I'm really curious to try the Carrot Orange color too^^
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  1. That's such a cute colour! I really like the look of intense colour on cheeks~~
    I think MAC blushes are quite pigmented.
    But I love Asian brands of makeup more because I feel like they suit me better...
    The CandyDoll blush looks so sweet on you :)
    I've always wanted CandyDoll blushes but it retails $35 where I am. Kind of ridiculously priced!

  2. you have such nice complexion! I'm so jealous!
    but yeah, i just wanted to update you. I originally had to go from Korea straight to Singapore on the 26th but I think the Singapore trip might be cancelled so I'll let you know. If not, are you free on the night of the 21st or 22nd?

  3. Actually, I bet you are one of the few people in the world who would look cute with the CandyDoll Carrot Orange blush! XD
    The Strawberry Pink looks lovely on you!! The last picture reminds me of how Ami & Aya Suzuki do their makeup recently- very cute!
    Once again, I am so jealous of your skin. ;_;
    After you return to the US, please do a makeup tutorial!!

    I have a Canmake cream blush, but I find it doesn't blend very easily. :/

  4. i've been wondering about that brand too! the price is pretty high, bu ti can see now the quality is nice! i'll definitely have to pick some up =D

  5. It's a gorgeous colour! I can never find Western blushers that are pink enough without them having a strange purple tint to it.

  6. It looks really cute on you! I wonder if it would show on my skin color... Does is have some shimmer in it? I like blush with shimmer the most :)

  7. The carrot orange is going to be my next purchase--I bought the orange from Canmake to tide me over until I buy it. You should try Canmake (doing a review of them now on my blog). I was pleasantly surprised at the price factor versus the quality.

    Is Canmake an American brand, or am I just reading that sentence wrong? If so, I never knew that!

  8. Strawberry Pink shows up sooooo well on you! I've been using a Bihada Ichizoku blush, and it doesn't show up that well in photographs =[

  9. i wanna use orange bluser :3
    and the blusher looks really cute on u ^_^

  10. Wow, the colour is lovely nad your makeup is flawless!!! Looks so perfect and cute! :-))

  11. That's a very pretty color! :o
    It suites you very well too! :D

  12. ohhhhh! Your eye makeup looks great!!! Classy but girly too~

  13. that's like the.... perfect blush ever ; _ ; I can't fins a dolly pink shade anywhere here!

  14. I wish I could do make-up like you! Flawless!

  15. oh you are so pretty!! and that blush is the best ove seen, usually i go for the peachy ones but that pink owns!

  16. Awww you look adorable! :D
    I love the pink shade! I must invest in one sometime soon~~

  17. now you look like a real doll :D pretty!

  18. That final picture of you... gorgeous! I know you were just showing off the blush but seriously SO PRETTY!!!

    I'm buying so much candydoll stuff when there it's not even funny! I feel like there are more mid-range affordable drugstore-like makes in Japan with good pigment than in the US. For ANY pigmentation you've gotta buy designer it seems state-side :( and pay near $20 on avg.

    I have canmakes vitamin orange cream blush. It's pretty good but washes out in photos a bit unlike this candydoll stuff.

  19. I just love that color on you! I can't believe it actually shows up in photos, shudder to think. I am now super tempted by the lavender and orange blush. Gotta get me some ♥

  20. Whoa. I love that pop of color! :D

  21. Looks great!! :O
    I think you could definitely pull off the orange colour too, haha~
    I've been using Maybelline's ExpertWear blush in Pinch 'O Pink which is pretty pigmented, but you have to use A LOT. I like how this one is really vivid! Definitely seems worth investing in :)

  22. I saw your tofu pillow in one of the pictures! It's so cute and I think I might steal it! >w<

  23. cuuute!! XD i wanna see orange now :)

  24. Sooo bright :O but also super cute :D

  25. It's such a cute blush!! And the color is perfect on your skin tone~! I usually skip out on blush sometimes cause I'm afraid of putting too much or too little....>.>

  26. You're pretty but you really don't know how to apply blush. Pick up an issue of Popteen or Ageha and learn how to wear blush...both your default photo and this photo looks like war stripes!


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