Day 11 coordinate and Daiso eyelashes

Oh, I only have 11 more days in Japan. I can't believe how quickly time passed! Did time go so quickly for you, or is it just that way for me because I am having so much fun? haha! Last night I met up with the most lovely Hana, and it was such a wonderful time! We did puri-kura and I chatted her ear off haha^^ I can't want to show you the puri pictures soon!

I'm getting a bit behind on my coordinate posts, because I've been sleeping more and more recently. Today it's raining, but generally it's not such a good idea to waste time in Japan sleeping ><;; But the more I am here, meeting new friends (my blog has been so useful in that sense!) traveling on the trains, etc. The more I am sure I want to live here.

Daiso #11 lashes, cute!

Well this is the close up of my Day 11 makeup, I liked how it turned out with the combination of the Daiso #11 eyelashes and the DollyGirl strawberry pink blush. I choose the Daiso #11 eyelashes because they looked the most dramatic to me and I think when on, they look quite girly and cute. They are really stiff and pointy, but I recommend them!

I was pretty proud of my Day 11 coordinate and makeup, so I'm going to get a bit spammy in this post. I went for an ame-kaji style look I guess, and just wanted to wear my "Ugly" cap again. I need to get more ugly caps, at least the black one but the blue one is cute as well, so I can wear them with more coordinates haha. And they are like the cheapest items at W*C XD

Day 11 coordinate

Hat: W*C
Outer shirt: Forever21
T-shirt: JamPixy
Pants: Converse

I enjoyed the fact that I looked acceptable even though I was tucking my shirt in. That is usually a big no no for me since I carry my weight mostly in my stomach and hips. But the plaid shirt tied around my natural waist created the illusion of thinness. If I had a wallet chain I think this would be perfect.

Now I will post more photos of myself because I am vain! Oh I really don't like to "Camwhore" as they say, but I just was happy that my makeup and the lighting in the apartment made me look better haha^^ I like this next shot because it shows the apartment vanity (which is in the kitchen XD) and some of the kitchen behind me.

That dish drying rack makes me so nervous! I keep thinking they will fall TT

If you are wondering what my t-shirt says, here is a photo of it with no outer shirt in the way. I got this t-shirt at JamPixy for Y315 I think, and the quality is fairly good. JamPixy has a lot of quite cheap cute gal trend items, and the quality is not bad for the price at all. This brand is something that I might consider helping people access during my next trip^^

"Don't Cheat! Lie in the World"

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  1. Adorable! I really love how you rock a pale gal look. I always lament being pale-faced and yet you use it to your advantage to make your blush and eyes have more impact.

    Your popgal style is really fun and I appreciate seeing all the bright colors at work. Yet again you're swaying me to that freakin' cute hat!

  2. I love those eyelashes on you, sweets! Cute outfits too :D

  3. You look so pretty! I love those lashes.

  4. Ahh love that coordinate! The hat is awesome! I'm pretty sure I want to live in japan too. hehe.

  5. that outfit was so cute! : D and your makeup was just fabulous~ :3

  6. That is a very cute outfit! I like it! :)

    And keep up the good work with your posts! :D

  7. Hihii, nice outfit! ^_^
    Omg, awesome, I love Candy Doll now! *_*

  8. i love the outfits and ur eyelashes ^^ time has been flying for me too :3

  9. wow you look sooooooooooo good!!!! i love your eyes and the outfits are so cute. you look great and i'm so envy about you flat belly :( i have a "muffin" belly :)

  10. Oh I like it, especially the UGLY hat. Definitely go for the black too haha

  11. Wow, you look super cute in the first picture!
    I think what I like the most about it (besides the pink blush <3) is your long hair!

    Aww, it's sad you there's only 11 days left D: enjoy them as much as you can! <3

  12. Sounds like you are having so much fun over there! Yay! Super cute ensembles! :)

  13. Oooh, I bought some 100yen lashes today too. If they look half as good as yours I'll be happy! I'm happy you're enjoying your time here and 11 days is plenty of time for more fun. Fight the urge to sleep!

  14. hands down, you have the most beautiful complexion/skin ever, I wish I were as pale as you, its gorgeous! and your photos are all too cute! the lashes are adorable btw!

  15. Wow, you really haveneen sticking to your diet. Your flat stomach looks great

  16. You are so cute in all of your coordinates you post! More more more of this, please!! :-)))

    Time is flying in Japan, right?? More than it does here XDD My 6 weeks went by in the blink of an eye! Hope my year over there will not be over that soon! :-)) (I'm not even there yet, and already think about how it will be when it's over, hahaha!)

    I'm sure we will meet this winter for sure!! :-))

  17. daiso lashes! i was wondering if they were worth the buy, but they look so cute on you! i want a pair now lolol
    very cute amekaji =]

  18. I love day 11's look! so cute and fun!
    plus i love how much your cheeks pop :)

  19. Wow your time has passed so quickly! Love the lashes!

  20. You look so cute in the first photo!! Those eyelashes are great, I want them!!

  21. Cute makeup! Could you recommend a lip color to go with this type of look? Or maybe just tell us what you are using in the picture? I have managed to find a bright pink blush, but I'm not sure what to do about the lips. Just a rather nude gloss does not seem quite right somehow.

  22. I really like the first outfit and you loo so pretty ♥

    100yen lashes ♥

  23. Aww, really look like a doll again on these piccus. <3

  24. You look AMAZING, bebe~! ❤ Camwhore away, you totally rock it!!

  25. sara! idk if you got my e-mail but i can meet you tomorrow! :)

  26. That kitchen area behind you is totally cute XDDD! Are you staying at a friend's apt or are you renting it?

    Those lashes are really great mac lookalikes :OOO

    The hat looks really cute on you, you can wear hats so easily, they look good! XD

  27. I looooove those hybrid lashes! And they look soo pretty on you!! I also do not see a hint of tubbyness in your tummy area!! You are beautiful missy!! >.<!!


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