We Love Colors croche fishnets review

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We Love Colors
is a very lovely legwear brand that has a large variety of items to choose from such as leggings, tights, plus size and thigh highs etc. But the really wonderful thing about We Love Colors is just that, the colors! Hehe^^ You can find any color you would need to create that perfect coordinate. From dark wintery colors, to bright neons that will cheer up your summer days.

The item I am reviewing today is their type of fishnets called "Croche Fishnets". They are thicker in the material, and feature rounded holes rather than the more traditional diamond type shape. So the overall look is much more different and interesting than regular fishnets.

We Love Colors croche fishnets in light tan. The simple label is very nice.

However the croche fishnets are a one-size item, so make sure that you fit within the height and weight measurements. I, at 5'8, am at the height maximum but I was less then the weight maximum, so I thought I would be fine. And indeed the tights fit me very well, no bunching or wedgies haha!

Back label shows production locations and care instructions

I choose the color "light tan" for the croche fishnets, of course I had to fight the urge to get my to-go color - black. I wanted to try something different since summer is coming/here haha. I thought light tan would be a nice color against my pale pale legs. I imagined a rather light honey/golden hue, but when I look at these tights in real life they look more "oatmeal" colored to me.

The quality of the material is very good, the tights feel quite smooth and they aren't thin or flimsy feeling at all! I think I will be able to wear these many times.

This picture shows the quality and the texture of the tights very well

We Heart Colors is very wonderful when it comes to shipping. They ship world wide so you can order from any country. They even shipped to me here in Tokyo and the tights arrived very promptly, with no shipping wear at all.

I experienced great communication and service, and I would very much consider buying from We Love Colors again in the future for my leg wear needs! I need me some of their awesome vertical stripe thigh highs for sure hehe XD
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  1. cant wait to see it in an outfit ^^

  2. I want to see pictures of you wearing them with an outfit! I'll bet those will look very cute with lots of outfits, yay! <3

  3. Wow!! I have to get some of these, they are so cute !! I would love to see an outfit pic~ I always love your daily outfits =)

  4. I looove those crochet tights~ They would look so cute with some western coordinates~! :D

    And those vertical stripe thigh highs are awesome!!! I'm a socks/tights whore...ahaha..

  5. I can't wait to see what they look like on you. They look like really high quality though, which is good!

  6. Looks like good quality... You & Jenny are really making me want to buy a pair of those striped thigh-highs, haha! XD

  7. Wow, so honored!! I saw the mark "made in Taiwan" !!

    The qualities of our stockings are pretty good, but how come I don't see this brand and this kind of stockings here?
    The one you chose is lovely and cute, I would like to have, too!!

  8. OOO light tan!! Good color option :D

  9. ooo like jenny's one! :D i love this colour though~


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