Some shots from the W*C summer catalog

Happy Friday from Tokyo! It's Friday here already and that means I only have 2 more days in Japan. It feels really strange that I will be leaving so soon, I will be sad to go since I enjoy being here so much and taking photos. But I think it will be good to be home and go shopping in Target and watch some English language TV haha.

Yesterday I went to Shibuya with the lovely Hana, you can see some photos from our lunch at 109 here, and while I was there I was able to pick up the W*C summer catalog at the W*C store. They were so nicely displayed at the entrance, I didn't even have to enter the store or speak to a staff person to get one.

There are some very nice pieces in the summer catalog that haven't been added to the webstore yet, so I thought I should share the photos with everyone. These are just photos from my camera and not scans so the quality is just average, but I'm sure someone will scan them in soon.

W*C summer catalog!

First there is the cover, it's a very lovely dark and purply cover that doesn't really seem summer like at first glance, but Chinatsu has fake freckles on her face. I know I get more freckles during summer, what about you haha!

I just took photos of the item pages, not all the photography shots of Chinatsu, since it's the new items that I think are very interesting. You can click on the images to go to the page to see them fullsized.

The item I was/am most excited about is the short length yukata with kuma-tan print! It's just so cute, and of course summer is the yukata season. How cleaver of Chinatsu to make an iconic yukata like this XD And it comes with a leopard print obi and geta as a set for 12800Y. I'd love to own it, but I think there wouldn't be many occasions when I could wear it haha!

What items look interesting to you?

I like the denim high-waist skirt, yellow cardigan, Kuma-tan hemp hoodie and of course the yukata. I took a snap of the page of Chinatsu wearing it. It's really cute, and the short length should be quite cooling in the summer^^

Chinatsu in W*C short length yukata

Apparently W*C's summer concept theme involves forgieners and showing Japan's fashion to the world. The I Love Japan and I'm From Japan shirts obviously are part of this theme. But in the concept statement she mentions Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and Lindsey Lohan as fashion icons people are really interested in... Really? Not Chanel, Armani, Dior etc haha!

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  1. I'm so loving the Japan inspiration in the summer collection! The yukata is amazing, I agree *__* I think you could even pair it with denim shorts for a more casual look too~ I really think you should get it, haha!
    The last photo of the concept explanation made me lol XD Oh, Chinatsu ♥

  2. aww the yukata is adorable! especially love the glam leopard print obi |3
    and i would totally go for the green cardigan/hoodie its so easy to combinate - lovely!

    on another note i really really like the overall look an feel of the catalog~

  3. Thanks for posting! I love the design of the catalog. :D
    Unfortunately, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and Lindsey Lohan ARE considered fashion icons and regularly appear on the cover of fashion mags here (I dont mind Nicole that much, but the other two are depressing ;_;). The US "celeb" style has been in here over the past few years, maybe fueled by the popularity of H&M, Zara, and F21. Actually, after I read your blog post I came across this: "For fashionable hints, study celebs! ★PAPA-PAPARAZZI"!XD

    The W♥C summer concept makes me LOL. I can see how both the ideas of "Wait, keep your eyes on Japan!" and "What we want foreigners to know" collide to make W♥C's summer collection, haha.
    It's especially interesting, because the typical tourist "I ♥ JAPAN" kind of stuff is really the image of what foreign tourists wear, and generally speaking, most people from Tokyo wouldn't be caught dead in it (if you want to make people laugh at/with you, wear a t-shirt that says "NINJA" in big kanji). But W♥C makes it cool, in a kind of ironical way. I've often heard that Japanese people don't have the concept of irony, but this and the "tiger" t-shirt are proof against that.XD Could W♥C be the start of the Japanese hipster movement?!?*gasp*

  4. the yukata is so lovely~~! that'll be sold out instantly XD
    i love the one pieces in the last picture, especially the one with the denim bottom beside the usa mimi.
    loving the concept of the summer collection :)
    thanks for the pictures!

  5. I think it's so funny who fashion icons are in Japan XD I do like her concept though grammar could be improved XP Catalog is cute~ thanks for posting!

  6. I didn't know about the brand W*C until now, thanks for sharing!! I absolutely fall for the kuma hoodie, it is just soooo cute!!! I will definitely pay a visit to the store in 109 next time! :-))

    Have a safe trip home! I know it is so difficult to leave Japan from my own experience! But your family must miss you!

  7. yukata *________* I´m in love

  8. the caltalog so cute!
    hope to see you pass by some time

  9. THANK YOU FOR THIS! It makes having to wait so much easier b/c I see some unreleased web store items I really like XDD

    Uggggggh that Yukata is amazing XO, I want to buy it but I know I have no where to wear it here in the boring States and my balls aren't big enough just to wear it out to grocery shop LOL

    I read the big european fashion houses are not raking in anywhere near as much money now that much of Japan is more... thrifty conscience. Some are even pulling their Tokyo offices~~ it's interesting. I think it's easier to copy US celebs with look alike outfits than trying to piece together a mock Chanel outfit maybe~~

  10. it really has been a short time, it feels like it was yesterday when you were leaving!

    But yay for the wc summer catalog. I already saw some shots on her blog yesterday and they looked great!

    I also get some freckles on summer! mainly in my arms haha and also get lighter hair!

  11. Wow the little lookbook is a real treat to look through, so bright and colourful!

  12. Thanks so much for sharing!!!
    The yukata looks amazing especially with the leopard obi, I have such a grin on my face!! XD

  13. I think if you have chance to wear the short yukata, must be very cute and fascinated!
    Because you have beautiful legs.
    I also have a yukata, here is the photo I wore it:

    Oh, btw, there is an award waiting for you back at my blog ^^

  14. So pathetic, but want the "I love Japan" slogan, haha!

  15. Super cute yukata!! I want the I LOVE Japan T-shirt LOL!

  16. The items are so fun and playful. I saw the sailor shirt and the stretchy long pants in the July issue of Jelly. Now I'm rabid about them even more! So much want for those two things ^_^v

  17. hope you had a good time in japan^^♥

  18. looks like you had fun in japan.. i went to Hana's blog and u look so cute in the sticky pics.

    i'm so happy for you .. .ur having fun in japan!

  19. Linked this in my Weekly Wrapup! Have a safe trip home!!

  20. wow its so cute and colourful!! *_*


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