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Finally I am going to start writing some travel writeups again. I like to mix my personal, coordinate, and travel posts together because it's more interesting for me so I hope it's not off-putting or anything for you. An anecdote to transition into the body of this post, I ate over 1000 kcal worth of chocolate yesterday. Thusly I gained .4 lb, I'd better not ruin the weight I lost in Japan haha.

If you are looking for an interesting cafe to please your eyes as you fill your stomach, you might like to try the Gundam Cafe & Bar located in Akihabara. The Gundam Cafe & Bar, commonly known just as the Gundam cafe, is a theme restaurant revolving around the theme of the classic anime Gundam. The cafe opened on April 24th of this year, and continues to draw large crowds.

Lots of people hanging around the Gundam Cafe that sunny day

Apparently the cafe will be going through various redesigns as the current cafe is dubbed Gundam Cafe Ver 1. The interior design is futuristic and sleek, the style is in homage to what Bandai calls the ‘Gunpla 30th Anniversary'. Gunpla is short for Gundam plastic model kits which first came out in 1980.

However, I think the main draw of the Gundam cafe are the female staff who are dressed in Gundam uniforms (from the original Gundam show). There is always atleast one costumed female staff member outside of the cafe available for photographs. So you don't really need to enter to get some nice photos haha!

Cute female staff posing for photos at the entrance

The food the serve mostly revolves around hamburg steaks it seems, and there is a variety of drinks and desserts to satisfy your cafe cravings. The food doesn't follow any sort of Gundam theme other than having some cute Gundam decorative garnishes. You can see the menu here.

From 17:00 Bar Time starts, and you can begin to order alcoholic beverages. The menu also changes and you can choose from tapas style snacks and a larger variety of entrees. However, you will have to contend with a crowd if you choose to eat at the Gundam cafe - when I passed by the line was literally around the block!

I personally have never watched the original Gundam, but I was a massive nerdy Gundam Wing fan back in the day. What can I say? They wearing aiming Gundam Wing at females and it worked on me haha! Did you ever watch any of the Gundam series?

You can see a bit of the interior behind her

Access Info:
Gundam Cafe & Bar
Kanda Hanaokacho 1-1, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 東京都千代田区神田花岡町1-1
Tel: 03 3251 0078
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  1. Oh, I posted a couple of photos of this last week or something as I pasted by, but your photos and description are much much better than my post about this place. You are always much more thorough in your posts which is why so many people like your blog. :-)

  2. I've never seen Gundam, and I don't know if I'd ever go into this cafe just because of that.
    But what I'm sure is that it'd be super fun to work in a place where you have to cosplay!

  3. such a cutie she is, i love her smile :3

  4. oh wow, this is the first time I've heard of this cafe. Very cool!

    I was a huge GW fan myself (actually, I still AM lol), but I liked the first Gundam as well (they used Quatre's voice for Amuro Ray too, so that helped! lol). I definitely want to check that one out sometime! thanks =]

  5. whooaaa every country should have atleast one gundam cafe franchise!!!

  6. Gundam doesn't appeal to me, but the cafe looks fun anyway! I heard there's one in Sendai, maybe I should try it...

  7. Cool!!! A gundam cafe!!! The only Gundam I've actually followed regularly is Gundam 00 cuz of the cute guys! (=>.<=)

    Omg the food pics r making me salivate and is that Haro coffee art?

  8. So cool! I love all the themed cafes in Japan. There's a Dragon Warrior one I can't wait to go to when I visit.

  9. Omg, my bro would go nuts! The staff member is definitely cute. *^_^*

  10. Ohhh, this is definitely on my visit list in Tokyo the next time! I also have not seen the original Gundam, but currently I am a great fan of Gundam 00!!

  11. Cute!
    Only in Japan, no? ❤

  12. Interesting post. How amazing japan is just now!

  13. I never watched it and was always more of a fan of things like Sailormoon/Dragon ball but this cafe looks and sounds like a lot of fun!

    I checked out the menu and the food doesn't look that great but I would definitely stop by for a fun ice cream and watch all the nerds troop in!

  14. hahaha such insanity! I do like it, because it adds more flavor, although I wonder how long it will last ^_^;;

  15. I've never heard of Gundam..
    So i made some research and I really feel like watching it now~ :)) Huhu~ <3

    The gal is so cute!~ :)))

    Btw I have a question... Why do some people walk around with a ...ehm thing on their nose and mouths? :\\ :S


  16. Wow, if I were a Gundam fan, I would like this place!! Next time if I have the chance to Akihabara, I want to visit one of the maid cafes, hehe...maids are cuter. If they can put a huge Gundam robot statue in front of the entrance, this cafe would be easily spotted.

  17. oh wow, thats so awesome! i'd love to visit. i am quite the fan of gundam00 :D

  18. loo we were in Akiba the other day and we was in excelcisor caffe, right oppostie it! my brother is a fan of gundam.. id never go unless i was taking someone there :P

  19. Sasa - Yes, I think it would be very fun to wear that sort of uniform while working. All the uniforms I've ever worn have been so ugly and boring haha!

    Alyse - Oh, I never knew they used Quatre's voice for Amuro! That's very interesting. I really ought to check the original one out someday haha^^

    Miruku - I didn't know they had multiple locations. I think if you plan to go out to a cafe, this one isn't a bad choice. But the Gundam theme maybe only appeals to Gundam fans hehe^^

    Hortaru - Yes! It is Haro on the coffee drinks. It also seems they have a Haro roll cake!

    Mandie - I will have to try to find that Dragon Warrior cafe so I can photograph it hehe^^

    Tori - Yeah, I'm sure this won't be making it abroad

    Winnie - I agree, the sweets would be the draw for me. But then, when aren't they? haha!

    Aweedee- That surgical face mask that Japanese wear is because they are sick and don't want to pass it to other people

    LilyChen - Maids are very cute, and I don't think you get such personal service in the Gundam cafe like you do in Maid cafes. I agree, they could have had a statue and made the cafe with more exciting decorations.

    Nic Nic - I agree, I don't have a particular reason to go. Luckily photographs from the outside are free! hehe^^

  20. Aaawww, I want to visit the Gundam cafe too *___* Looks great and very popular xD

  21. OMG so cool!!! why didn't they open 2 years ago when I was there.???!!! tempted to go again next year or so if i have da money to travel....

  22. Ahhh chocolate..I'm currently trying to lose weight and resisting all those yummy sweets..aaah...but GUNDAM! So cool!! My brother would freak if he went there! He's a fan, where I'm not so much ^^;;

  23. ah i saw the gundam cafe when i went to japan last month.. the queue was so long.. seems like gundam is really popular in japan.. last year there was a massive gundam figure in odaiba and this year it got its own cafe.. wow..


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