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Happy Saturday, it's the wonderful weekend again! How quickly time passes, I was still in Japan this time last week. But this weekend back in the US is a busy one for me, so I don't have much time to dwell on things haha. For that same reason, I can't really concentrate on writing right now so today I am just bringing you a snapshot post. If I have time tonight I will try to post again, but today is going to be a long day so I can't make any promises haha.

I got this shot in Donki (where else? haha!) before I got scolded for taking photos. It was the first time that ever happened to me in Donki, in fact Japan Trip 5 was the first trip where I often got told to stop taking photos. I think ended up effecting the amount of photos I took towards the end. I will have to stay bold about photographing during Japan Trip 6!

The best tanning lotion for men who want that over-ripe carrot look XD

First off the name, Fake Tanning Lotion, is rather redundant in a hilarious way. Or does it mean the lotion itself is fake? haha^^ I also found it interesting how this product was made for and marketed specifically to gyaru o men (and hosts, ora-ora etc.). In America all our tanning lotions are gender neutral, and I am quite sure most men here would specifically NOT use a product with a photo of nearly naked man torso on it haha!

I think it's great there's room in the Japanese market for tanning lotion just for men^^
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  1. I think in Spain there isn't any tanning lotion specifically to men...

  2. xDD thats why i went the last two weeks before i fly to japan in the tanning salon ( solarium) i dont wanna look orange..better i get just a little tan then i am a orange XD..

  3. My friend used to use those and they worked pretty good :)
    Glad you had a safe flight back

  4. LOL probably meant temporarily tanning lotion?? I do know of those temp tanning lotion that can be washed away. but most of the host there are really pretty much gyaru o men type but sure kakoii~~~ *_*

  5. That's right, Sara Mari~ FIIIGHTTTO!! XD lol
    I would miss your amazing photos too much if they stopped letting you take them!
    This entire post made me lol though~ the packaging on that one product on the far right is too much! XD

  6. I don;t think you'll see that in Britan :P

  7. So cute blog! ♥

  8. Man, if I used that tanning lotion, I'd look like an Oompa Loompa

  9. haha how funny! XD
    I know why I love Japan :D
    It's great! Donki just has got everything! *g*

  10. PS. I meant to tell you it is okay if you use that purikura :)

  11. Linking this in my weekly wrapup!!

  12. *giggles* The package images... they're just so ridiculously cheesy...

    But interesting that it's targeted specifically at guys!

  13. LOL at these tanning products! I noticed that they aren't cheap :[

  14. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to post (^O^)

    ROFL!! There advertising is hilarious >XD

    I need to take a bunch of pictures when I go back to Japan. I am always scared to take pictures and I need a better camera too.
    What type of camera do you own??

  15. Haha...very interesting! Wonder if it actually works?

  16. this post made me laugh XD cool blog posts though ^^

  17. i think they just want to tell u
    that u dont need to go to a tanning studio or need to tan in the sun
    but you can use this lotion and it makes u look tanned ("fake")as if u really gone to the studio or were in the sun and people think then that he really got it from that but its the lotion that gives u the nice "fake" tan. looool
    but this really make no sense xD
    kinda funny ^^

  18. wow...i never want to get tan.. hmm never know tan products for men..suprise me..haha

  19. I have to admit I'm often timid in japan when it comes to taking photos, as i know shops don't liie you taking pics. I mostly only do it if I've just bought something, kinda like emotional blackmail, heh :)

  20. haha thats classy!

    of course my boyfriend needs to be orange....:z
    i love Donki...i can't believe they told you off for taking photos haha

  21. i used to be that dark one summer when i was 15, then i got scared of skin cancer, so i stopped trying to tan!

    yea, now birthdays are reminders that you are one year closer to nothing special

    wow just for me? i feel special =]

  22. I want to be a sexy orange man too!!!

  23. There are always funky products to discover in Japan! I love that! :-))

  24. Haahaa oh my the packaging!! Nearly X rated XD

  25. Becky: No in the US we don't have men's tanning lotion either haha!

    Shanna: Yeah, using tanning lotion can make your skin look odd. I used it once in Jr High and never again haha!

    ☆Monica-Ai☆: Thank you for your kind words about my flight^^

    jellytelly_ri-chan: I'm guessing they mean it's fake because it doesn't come from the sun. But that's obvious, they don't need to say it haha! I agree, they are very kakkoii!

    Tori: I won't ever give up! haha^^ You are so cute and sweet Tori, hug you! I know, those pictures are rather...well I felt a little pervy just taking a photo of them haha!

    Sakie and Thomas Gantz: There was a girl in my high school that really had that Oompa Loompa shade of skin color!

    Kanako_ageha: I totally agree! I love finding these interesting things in Japan!

    HANA: Thank you sweetie, you are always so wonderful! I will be adding the puri in my sidebar, thank you for your permission!

    Jen: Super cheesy! I wonder if the marketing works haha.

    Blair: You're right! Why would guys pay more for these when there are so many other options?

    リンダ: Well the worst that happens is they yell at you and you get some attention from people standing nearby. You just have to wait until they aren't looking haha! My camera is a Canon EOS 40D

    ••RASPBERRY JAM••: You are correct about the meaning! But to me it the words don't seem to make sense also haha

    the fashionate traveller: Haha! Yes, I understand what you mean, after I've bought something I get the idea "I gave them money, now they have to let me take photos!!" but most of the time I'm generally brazen and rude about it haha^^

    Koneko: It's super classy, right? haha^^ I was surprised that they did, after all these times that I've taken photos there...

    Ken: Well see, that's why men need this product I guess, so they can be very dark without the damaging effects of the sun haha!

    Mens' brains keep growing until age 27, so you have that to look forward to. XP

    Grimalkin: Well that goes without saying, inside we all want to be sexy orange men. Haha XD

    Jenny: I feel like I shouldn't be looking at those photos for free hahaha


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