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It seems like such a long time since I last write a travel post! Has it really been so long, or it is that time is just passing so quickly? Haha I guess I'm lucky that I've been doing alot so I haven't been bored. Today I am writing about the Nezu Shrine tsutsuji festival, it's an event that I attended all the way back on May 3rd! It really doesn't seem like more than one month ago, but it was XO

Nezu Shrine

Nezu Shrine is a very old shrine, it's said to have been established over 1,900 years ago by the legendary priest Yamato Takeru no Mikoto. It was originally located in Sendagi, but was moved to it's current located during the Edo period. For such a beautiful and old shrine, it doesn't appear to be well known amongst tourists. While I was there I only spotted 2 or 3 other Caucasian tourists.

Close up of tsutsuji (azalea)

A hill literally covered in tsutsuji

It was good for me, because I enjoy doing activities/going places in Japan where I feel very alien or virgin. But I also feel that people are really missing out by not knowing about this shrine!

Purifying with water before praying

Anyhow on the day I went Nezu Shrine was holding their famous tsutsuji festival, so it was rather crowded. The weather was beautiful, perfect for viewing tsutsuji. Oh, by the way tsutsuji are azaleas! Hehe^^ There are hundreds of azalea bushes on the grounds of Nezu Shrine, and during the festival they are in beautiful bloom. You can walk through their heavily flowered hillside for a small fee, but there are many other activities to partake of as well.

Tradtional story teller

While I was there some old ladies were preforming traditional hula dances on a stage near the shrine hall. Are azaleas originally from Hawaii, or associated with Hawaii? That's the only reason I can see for them to be doing hula dances at this festival haha! There was also a traditional story teller preforming for the little kids attending.

The shrine itself was amazingly beautiful; it was perhaps the most lovely shrine I have seen in Tokyo. The architecture of the main shrine was very ornate, but there were also many other unique features. Upon the hillside there was a smaller shrine, surrounded by long tunnels of torii! When my friend saw it, he remarked that it looked more like Kyoto than Tokyo and I am inclined to agree!

Almost like Kyoto

Nezu Shrine main hall

When you are in Nezu Shrine you do feel transporated from modern Tokyo, there are no sky scrapers or big buildings towering over-head, and there are so many features to explore. I had never been to a shrine in Tokyo with Torii tunnels before, and it was lots of fun to walk under them, though I often hit my head on them haha!

After all the wondering and exploring you might work up an appetite and festivals are the best time to fill your stomach. They had a nice selection of food stalls to choose from, but I will save those photos for the next post. (I'm really excited about that because I love food stall photos!)

Nezu Shrine torii

Dramatic photo of me in torii haha!

Access Info:
1-28-9 Nezu, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
JR Tokyo Station/Tokyo Metro Otemachi Station/6 min.
10 minutes from Nezu Station on foot.

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  1. lovely photos sara,thank you for sharing :-}
    so wanna do a swap with you...

  2. Wow, it seems you are a real expert concerning sightseeing in Tokyo! Although I've been to Japan often myself I can still learn so much from you and your posts! I defintely have to explore more of Tokyo than I've already done.

    The torii remind me so much of Kyoto, too! I was only one time in Kyoto, but still remember the impressive red coulours of most of the shrines and temples there. Very beautiful.

  3. all the photos are really cute i wish i could travel here someday

  4. Loving your photos as always!

  5. Wow, looks amazing. Your Nezu Shrine torii is my favorite picture!

  6. you look amazing andthis is a nice place!

  7. lovely photos and the place is really very amazing and lovely !!!

  8. that hill is gorgeous O___O
    absolutely beautiful photos :)
    thankQ for sharing!

  9. These pictures are so beautiful it looks so peaceful at the shrine.

  10. This looks so beautiful! Especially I like this hill covered by all those little bushes. I'll difinitely want to go there, when I get the oppurtunity.
    Aaand I like your 'dramatic' piccu 8D

  11. Amazing, amazing azalea photo!!!! I'm really happy you posted this. Mike wants to visit more historic sites and we sorta did many of them on our last trip so I was still gathering ideas for our upcoming trip! Thank you for the directions + times! Fantastic! I'm gonna put this down and see if it's something he'd like to see XDDD

  12. Nice photos again! Like everytime! thanks for sharing! Definitely worth a visit :)

  13. Wow really nice photos, you look great!

  14. Damn, now I miss Japan again. XD

  15. Lovely crisp pictures!! :) That toori is pretty famous too! <3 You must have a lot more on your list of things to do in Japan, huh? :3

  16. the place looks so beautiful! You always have such nice photos! You almost get the feeling of being there yourself haha

  17. Loving these photos and the whole post! Japan<3

  18. Stunning pictures!

  19. You're such a good photographer, the festival looks like fun. And the flowers are pretty!

  20. so pretty, and those kids are adorable!

  21. You really captured traditional Japan.
    Just wanted to say I love looking at your photography it really inspires me. Your use of composition is lovely :]]

  22. This a beautiful Shrine! I have never seen it before.
    WOW!! Love the 3rd photo it’s lovely!
    It sure does look like Kyoto (^O^) I always like torii’s they never stop to amaze me.
    I like the lighting on your dramatic photo

  23. love the photos!!

  24. Beautiful photos!
    I love the one with you in the torii~ you look absolutely gorgeous, bb ❤

  25. oh gosh i remembered that scene in memoirs of a geisha with chiyo running!!

  26. The second pic is awesome, great shot!!
    I think the most beautiful season in Japan is spring, because the blossomed sakura and all kinds of lovely flowers.

    You really chose the best time to visit and stay in Japan. :-)

  27. i really love those tsutsuji (azalea) bushes..

    the hibiscus (hawaii's state flower) is similar looking to the azalea.. i wonder if they're in the same flower family (im not even sure if there are such things as such flower families but im just speculating)

  28. Aaawww, the picture are so lovely!! *____*


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