Kameido Shrine fuji matsuri pt.1

Hello friends, I put blogging off today until the bitter end haha. I watched 2 movies, but other than that I can't really say what I did today to pass all those hours...^^;; I'm extremely bloated today, but I don't want to get into the complainy complains about that hehe, hopefully blogging will take my mind off of it for a little awhile.

I'm back at the matsuri posts today, but we are taking a look at different shrine and festival - the Kameido Tenjin Shrine, also known as Tenmangu, holds it's famous fuji matsuri in late spring every year. Fuji is not in reference to the iconic volcano, fuji means wisteria and the matsuri celebrates the height of their blossom!

Wisteria at Kameido Shrine

The Kameido Shrine was first established in 1662 and is dedicated to the 9th century scholar, poet, and politician named Sugawara no Michizane. Kameido Shrine is famous and well known for several of it's features, but one of the main reasons it has reached a high-level of fame is due to being featured in one of Hiroshige’s 100 views of Edo. The artwork, Wisteria at Kameido Tenjin Shrine, was 65th in the series and done in 1856.

Close up of fuji

Crowd going over Kameido Shrine's drum bridge

Kameido Shrine is also well known for it's large "drum bridge". The drum bridge is not a common feature in modern Tokyo, so it's very fun to be able to encounter it in this shrine. However, during WWII Kameido Shrine was destroyed and rebuilt in metal and cement. Now the drum bridge is not made of wood and has steps for easy climbing.

The other feature Kameido Shrine is famous for, and the whole reason for the matsuri, is fuji. Wisteria is a beautiful hanging flower, and near the end of April/beginning of May it is in full blossom. The shrine's grounds include an extensive pond area over which terraces of fuji are built. Crossing under the fuji is an amazing and beautiful experience.

Walking under the fuji terraces

It's hard to not fall in love with the fuji, but there is so much more to do at the shrine, it's rather difficult to get everything done in just one visit while the matsuri is on. It's also a bit difficult to admire the surroundings when there are so many people crammed in to check it out, as you may have noticed from my photos.

Kameido Tenjin Shrine

Remember this coordinate? Yes, this is me at the fuji matsuri^^
boy it took a long time for the people to clear out of this shot...

I will write more about my personal experience in my next post about the Kameido shrine, as well as include a photo of a gyaru I spotted there. So I hope you will look forward to that!

Access Info:
Take the JR Sobu Line to Kameido Station (South Exit) or Kinshicho Station (North Exit) and walk for 10 to 15 minutes
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  1. omg that fuji terrace is so awesome, it is like flowers are surrounding you from the top and the sides, almost like a blossom rain

  2. beautiful pics <3

    lol I can only imagine how long it took the tourists to clear your way for a pic XD

    Love the outfit, you always look so chic~

  3. i just wondering why the bridge dont break xD

  4. The fuji is so pretty! It looks like such a beautiful place to go to and so crowded too! I wonder if it's always like that during the springtime.

  5. The fuji matsuri look so beautiful ^^

  6. it looks so beautiful! *_*

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! And you always look like a total doll!

  8. If I was surrounded by that much gorgeous wisteria I would never want to leave. But I see what you mean about the crowds, just looking at those pictures is evoking the feeling of being squashed, hot and stressed! The Hiroshige print you mentioned is one of my favourites, so beautiful.

  9. Ah, I love wisteria! Sooo pretty! That looks like a gorgeous shrine, must have been a really lovely matsuri!ヽ(=´ω`=)ノ

  10. wow!! the Place Is AWESOME!!!
    Love those purple little flowers..:3

    Much Love,

  11. Beautiful pictures! But so busy :O

  12. I wish I were standing there under those fuji terraces! :)

  13. Lovely pics! Looks like a beautiful place, how does the bridge not collapse with so many people going over it?! I have Wisteria in my garden too, its so pretty and smells heavenly.

  14. oh wow that place is beautiful! and so are you! i love that last pic of you and how the purple flowers are hanging like that :D take care sara!!

  15. Wow~ It looks like a really nice place! The wisteria is beautiful!!

  16. So gorgeous!! Looks so peaceful too ❤

  17. Beautiful pictures!! Purple is one of my favourite colours!

    And you look so lovely again :-))

  18. OMG! The fugi are amazing!
    Nice photo of them <3

    Ah so that is were you went with that coordination.


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