Visiting the Tokyo Sky Tree

Here I am to bring you two posts in one day hehe XD Well my first post didn't contain many photos, so that might have been not so fun for everyone. After I finished blogging I spent most of the day packing and doing schoolwork. I will be heading out to Kenosha WI which is near Illinois/Chicago tomorrow, so I will try to have the FHF post scheduled. I hope it will work, I've never done a scheduled post before!

Tonight I'd like to introduce the Tokyo Sky Tree, I'm going a bit out of order but I thought it's be good to take a break from matsuri photos hehe^^

The Tokyo Sky Tree

The Tokyo Sky Tree is a beautiful structure that will stand at a height of 634 meters upon completion. As of March 29th 2010 it is the tallest structure in Japan, and will be the tallest free-standing tower in the world when finished in spring 2012. The purpose of the Tokyo Sky Tree is to broadcast digital signals. Currently the Tokyo Tower broadcasts analog signals, which will switch over to digital with the Sky Tree.

The name "Tokyo Sky Tree" was choosen through public suggestions and vote. Suggestions were collected from Oct. 26 to Nov. 25 2007, after a panel of judges selected the top six name suggestions the public voted and the Tokyo Sky Tree was official named on June 10th 2008.

Close up of the Sky Tree structure

On July 14 they held a ceremony to celebrate the commencement of construction and groundbreaking. It took nearly one year just to build the foundations for the Sky Tree! But when you see the Sky Tree you can see why the foundations would need to be quite large and built with special care^^

Another view of the Sky Tree

The Tokyo Sky Tree is located in Oshiage, just one 1 km east of Asakusa. There will be a large area sitting at the foot of the Sky Tree to be called "town with a tower" which will extend about 400m from Oshiage station to Narihirabashi station. There will several plazas connecting the stations, Sky Tree, Kitajukken River, and Shinsui Park to form a recreational area.

Currently the Tokyo Sky Tree is over 350 meters and growing. Even at that height (when I saw it was was 358 m) it dwarfed any and all surround structures. The size of the Sky Tree is just literally mind boggling! When you look up at it, it really just doesn't register in your brain that something can be so big like that haha.

These are dorms for the Sky Tree construction workers. How would you like to live here for years?

Cranes doing their work, with Asakusa in the background

The Sky Tree will house two observations decks and a restaurant, and it's already a popular tourist site. The appearance of the Sky Tree is very sleek and attractive, making it a great photo subject despite it being in the midst of construction.

I actually visited the Sky Tree twice during Japan Trip 5, and it was very lovely and just fun to photograph. I imagine when the plaza area is completed it will a great place to sight see and just relax for a day. Can you imagine seeing Japan from 450 m (the height of the 2nd observation deck)??

Some random person set this mirror up so you can take your photo with the Sky Tree XD

I can't wait to go back and see it again, I hope you will have a chance to see it as well!

Access Info:
part of Oshiage 1-chome and part of Mukoujima 1-chome of Sumida Ward in Tokyo

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  1. Haha...that mirror is genius! I know it's not completed yet but it already looks cool. =D

  2. Very cool tower! It's going to look great when it is finished! Can't wait to pay it a visit!

    The mirror is too cool! Which genius came to that fabulous idea?? XD

  3. omg the mirror part is so cool ^^

  4. Very cool! The mirror is awesome! I've never heard of the sky tree before! It sounds like something from Avatar though. The one with the blue people~~ Haha. XD

  5. It's a pity that the new tower will stand tall only a few months... and then the end of the world! XD

  6. Oh I heard of it before and saw some kind of CM..? I found it very impressing and big in the CM already... So I'm excited to see it in it's full highness in real one day. Somehow it's crazy.. :D
    Ahh and the set-up mirror thingy is funny XD

  7. hi sara mari,

    thank you for answering my questions (the ones about weight loss) on formspring! i didn't realise that you could post your answers there! I thought you would be replying through your blog posts here! hahaha! what a lovely surprise when i saw that my questions are answered! thank you!

    you are a very good writer and i love to read your writings. you are able to connect and reach out to people simply by your writings and that is such a talent!

  8. Great post as usual. Nice photos and info, especially since we've never been to that area to take a look at it yet. :-)

  9. Now that looks pretty amazing! :O And the mirror was definitely a great idea. XD haha

  10. Woah! That's so cool!! I love how that mirror was set up to take pictures~ Neat idea XD

  11. wooohhh I will love to give anything in exchange to visit the Tokyo Sky tree!!!!looks so amazing and whoever set that mirror up is an awesome genius hahaha....

    and I've nominated you for an award here

  12. Such a huge structure!
    I love the mirror idea hehe

  13. WOW that sounds tall o_O I would love to see that!
    I really love the last photo a lot!

  14. I'm definitely stopping there when I visit ^.^ .

    Apparently I need a memory card for my phone to get any of the pictures off, they will be posted after that. I'm also going to see L*** today, so I'll ask about those videos for you.

  15. I want to visit Japan, specially Tokyo and Harajuku!! This tower is great and beautiful!! I love =D

  16. Lol at your dream, toys r us!! Man i used to go there all the time just to hang out :)

    Are you coming to Chicago at all?? We should hang especially since I'll never be able to meet up with you in Japan DX

  17. the name Tokyo Sky Tree just makes it seem so magical, but I bet being there and seeing it in its entirety must be amazing ~

    i can't imagine working on the tower and living in those dorms for years.. @_@

    and i agree with everyone, amazing idea with the mirror setup

  18. Such a cool last photo! It almost looks like lomography/fish-eye with the mirror :D
    I love how you always give a bit of the history of the places you visit~ hopefully one day when I get to visit Japan, I'll be able to recognise lots of landmarks because of you! ❤

  19. It's huge. I never got chance to get close to it when I was in Tokyo last, but from the top of the Tocho you can see it towering over absolutely everything else. Great pics.

  20. I didn't go to Sky Tree, but I saw it from Senso-ji, pretty cool. I'm loving it here. I've already told my mom that I will most likely relocate here after school on a work visa. (if not before school's over on a student visa)

  21. Tokyo Sky Tree! I wanted to go here but I haven't found time to actually go :( My friends aren't so interested in it as I am -_-

  22. Waaaai!! There are so many specials about the Sky Tree on US programming I can only imagine the buzz in Tokyo over it! I wonder how it'll affect tourism to Tokyo Tower in the coming years~~~


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