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Thank you to everyone who gave me opinions about posting twice a day. I can't say for sure how often I will post twice a day, but hopefully it will be a few times a week so I can catch up a little bit. I'm feeling really low energy and easily distracted lately, even now I keep watching the TV rather that finishing a single sentence haha.

I want to write about Tokyo University 東京大学, the university occupying the top rank in Japan and a top rank through out Asia. Although it's not so high in the world ranking of schools, many people in Japan (and other parts of Asia, and sometimes other parts of the world) aspire to study in the halls of Tokyo Daigaku.

The view I saw when I first enter the Tokyo Daigaku grounds

Tokyo Daigaku was founded in 1877 by the Meiji government by combining several schools. In changed names in 1886 and 1887, but returning the to the original Tokyo Daigaku name after WWII in 1947. The school encompasses 3 campuses, housing the full range of disciplines, with facilities in other parts of Tokyo and Japan.

Doesn't really look like Japan right? ^^

Considering the history of Tokyo University, there are many various architecture styles to be observed in the campuses. The iconic Akamon, or Red Gate, is a symbol of the schools roots in the Edo period - the Hongo campus occupies the former estate of Edo period feudal lords. There is also a variety of Europeon architectural styles, which gives the university an impressive atmosphere.

According to the Tokyo University's English website there is currently 27,312 students and 991 research students enrolled at the school. To me this is really impressive because my school has about 9000 students. Many people study long and hard to pass the entrance exams into Todai, some who fail even spend extra years just studying and reapplying to the exam rather than going to another university!

Iconic Yasuda Auditorium

The first president of Tokyo University

Indeed going to Tokyo Daigaku was a very interesting experience to me, because it is opposite to my school in nearly every way! hehe^^ My school is a rather new school, and all the campuses are remodels of pre-existing modern office buildings, Tokyo Daigaku has mostly old buildings. My school is not a research institute, while Tokyo Daigaku is. Tokyo Daigaku has a campus life, my school does not.

Walking around Tokyo University

Another thing that really stood out to me were the roaming packs of suited young people. I mean, everyone in those packs looked really young, even to me. They must have been freshmen and all were wearing black suits, no makeup no accessories. It was a bit nerve racking for me haha, what were they doing in those packs? My school has students from ages 16 to 69, and not even the professors wear suits haha.

That is just one tree, look how huge it is!

When I was entering the Tokyo Daigaku campus, a Chinese student pulled me aside to do an informal interview. I was asked several questions about my impressions of the appearence of the university. She seemed a bit disappointed to find that I'm not a Tokyo Daigaku student. I guess I should feel honored she thought I was until that point hehe^^

Do I look like a Todai student? haha XD

Anyhow, Tokyo Daigaku has a lovely campus, that you can enter during the day. It's an interesting place to see Japanese university life up close as well as a nice place to relax as there are several nice park areas and a Lawson conbini! It's a large university and the layout is a bit complex so be sure to check the map signs often hehe!

Tokyo University's on campus Lawson. I wish my school had one too!
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  1. Such a beautiful campus, the one me and Bloomzy attend looks like pants now haha!
    I wish we had a campus Lawson too!!

  2. Wow, tokyo daigaku is such a famous university (from my side, mainly because of love hina XD) but I've never seen pictures of it, so thanks for showing them!
    It looks like a nice place to hang out (all the trees and the green spaces) but I'm sure I wouldn't want to cope with all the pressure students from such a popular univeristy have to suffer.

  3. I hope you get your energy up. I have been low on energy too.

    Beautiful!! I always wanted to know how Tokyo University looked like thank you for the lovely pictures. That is awesome that they thought you were a student (^O^) I think they need to bring Lawson to America XD

  4. omg looks fun ^^ tehe when you said about ppl reapplying for years it reminded me of the anime Love Hina where the guy is trying to get into Tokyo Uni XD

  5. woah! you got the "ugly" cap!!!!! i've seen it on a models blog & i SO want it! XDDDD

    tokyo university *___* do u know "love hina"?

  6. What a beautiful University. Some of my school looks like that, the rest was built in the 60s and is major ugly. My campus is about the same size too, around 25000 students. The auditorium looks like my old high school!!

  7. Wow I really envy the people who are able to study there! What I can tell from your pictures looks really impressive..and a Lawson! (*o*)
    The picture of you is cuuute, you would make a cute and stylish Todai student! x3~

  8. I read alot about Tokyo Daigaku and I would love to visit it. It seems so interesting to me and wo, so many students?!
    I just graduated this year and I'm already 19! Sometimes I dislike the german school system because of graduating so late...
    It's like time passes so much faster...

    Ah yea let's meet! Contact me when you arrive! :)) I will give u maybe my phone number then ok? :33

  9. what a great university! i'd love to go there <333

  10. Wow, it looks awesome. I wanna go visit it one day! If I ever get to Japan hehe.
    You look really cute, totally can pass for a Todai student.

  11. I love how chill the university looks. I like historical universities! It definitely has a European feel to it. I would love to attend a University in Japan just to see how Japanese University life is like!
    It's cool she thought you were a Tokyo U student lol. Means you fit right in!

  12. Nice photos and descriptions as usual. You are the most thorough blogger I know. Keep up the good work. :-)

  13. Wow! Their campus looks so amazing.. all that wonderful architecture.. it's beautiful! Thanks for sharing your experience visiting the campus.. I can't imagine studying for that many years to get in to that particular university, oh how much they must study... freshman in black suits and no makeup / accessories? they are certainly serious students! i definitely admire them.

    great post once again!

  14. Every time I see something about Todai, I just think of Abe Hiroshi and DragonZakura~
    Lovely photos! Looks like a campus worth visiting for sight-seeing even! =]

  15. Wow!! That's a huge university! Twice as big as mine...then again mine is an average uni...
    The buildings there are beautiful~~

  16. thanks for this blog post! very interesting and informative! i didn't think that todai could be a sight-seeing spot before! now i want to visit there!!!

  17. yay sari mari you are awesome! i just read under your upcoming posts section that you are gonna blog about the high ponytail tut, your room, and more weight loss tips! i'm really looking forward to them!

  18. such a pretty place =]
    a lot of the asian universities look like this
    i remember studying in korea, and the it was really westernized~ like this

  19. me and my sister get along~!

  20. I want to do exchange @ Todai!

  21. Todai rocks! I got lost there once LOL I have the worst sense of direction ♥ My all time favorite prof is a Todai grad, so seeing Todai anything makes me remember him and miss him a bit ♥

    You're looking so fun and fabulous pop gal as always ♥

  22. I always wanted to date someone who was a Todai student.. Haha :D

    Anyway it's seems like a really nice campus! It looks so beautiful and comfortable :)

    Btw, I think it's fine if you update more than once a day :) I often update more than once a day too, though I doubt my posts are as interesting as yours haha :)
    So keep the post coming - I look forward to your upcoming topics too, as Meow mentioned :)

  23. Ahhh, I love Todai! Such a beautiful school! My universtiy campus looks aweful, really, it is one of the most ugliest ones I've seen... :-))

    You could be a great Todai student! :-))

  24. Amazing photos! It looks as impressive & prestigious as I imagined it would~
    & you look gorgeous in that photo! ❤ So cute!

  25. Thanks for such an informative post!^^
    I've been thinking of applying to Waseda in a year or two... Todai is a bit too much for me, I guess xD Do you know if they accept those who already have a foreign university diploma?

    I'm currently working on my Japanese, though I'm also searching for programs in English language.

  26. I'm so impressed!

  27. I can definitely see why so many manga & anime even focus around the idea of getting into Todai!


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