Old school loose socks & kogal snap

Looking back on today's previous post, it came out a lot more negative than I meant. I actually want to say something positive about not stressing about small things and being happy for what we have in life. But it kinda came out like "Oh I'm unhappy but I shouldn't be sorry" Hmmm, sometimes things sounds better in my mind than they do written out in text :/ oh well!

Me wearing my loose socks

But let's have a fun post now. This is totally random, but I wanted to share my loose socks with you guys haha! Loose socks ルーズソックス become a trend in the late 90s in Japan after girls started wearing mountain climbing socks that were larger than the standard knee socks. The key point of loose socks was their ability to balance the size of the thigh to create an over-all thinner looking leg.

I wanted to show the length of my socks, which is about 150 cm!

Loose socks apparently hit the height of their popularity back in 1998 (dang it's seems like yesterday and a century ago at the same time TT) Since the early 2000s knee socks started getting trendy and loose socks have been slowly disappearing. But of course you can still see ko-gals sporting them, especially in the cities.

I got my loose socks back in about 2000, so when I was still really young. I was a chubby and shy youth so I really have worn them only twice. I thought by this time it's kinda pointless for me to wear them since I'm out of HS and they aren't so trendy. But then I saw these fab ko-gals on the subway.

Kogal on the subway. The guy next to them is pretty cute too ^^

Then I started thinking I want to try wearing them atleast one more time. Now I just need to collect the other pieces for a nanchatte seifuku hehehe^^ Does anyone have a recommendation for a good place to buy a non-cheapy looking pleated skirt? haha!
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  1. i understood what you meant in your previous post. i'm sure others did, too. people don't want you to be unhappy though, so rather than posting 'YEAH! i totally agree!' they're focusing on you instead. :)

    those socks look really interesting haha, i've always wondered as to why they became popular. cool to see that some people still wear them.

  2. I bought a nice one from Cosmates Japan. They're actually the same ones they sell in the dark corners of Donki Lol

  3. I think knee socks are adorable but I think the loose socks are more tempting since they make your legs look smaller!

  4. Ohh, I totally want socks like these :)

  5. I can't help but notice those huge Duffy bear attached to their bags!

  6. hehe i always wanted to wear socks like that just like in digimon xD thank you :3 !

  7. I so want socks like that!

  8. tehe over here its pretty easy to get cheap pleated skirts because of school uniforms. even though some shops sell them as school uniform some barely pass ur butt and i love the socks i have a some ^^

  9. I have a pair of loose socks,too !
    I really like them haha xD!
    They also suit my style ^____^

  10. Totally what Lizzie said in the first comment & the socks look adorable on you, haha! ❤ They really do even out the leg too~ amazing!
    That last photo is just too classic too, haha XD

  11. I understand how you felt in your last post! And I hope it's gonna become better soon! But I'm so sure about that.

    I've never worn loose socks, but they are very interesting! I didn't know they were that long, remember that I'm only 154 cm tall, hahahaha!

  12. Ooh I've always wanted a pair of those socks back then!
    It's cool that they're still being worn :) I like the look they create on ones legs!

  13. the socks would be cute on you, especially if you were wearing a pleated skirt. I think you should ask Hana and you and her and Sakie and I should go to Daikanyama together one time while you're here. Maybe you'll find a good skirt there. :-)

  14. I read so many blogs from Western girls who want to look Japanese. Then I hear Japanese girls who want to look "Western" and envy our "naturally thin legs". It's all stereotypes but sometimes quite funny. I think those socks are really cute, who cares about trends - wear them!

  15. really cute *____*

    btw, you have my little ponys?
    I envy you so much <3
    I ADORE my little pony, to tell you a secret, I'm planning to have a tattoo of my own styled my little pony in the end of this year <3

  16. This is horrible, but I want some!! I don't care if I'm out of style.. ^^ Haha. <3

    Also, I got a uniform from lawrarashop.com. They appear to be of good quality and such. Mine is still shipping because I refuse to pay high shipping costs, but they have really cute uniforms for a cheap price~~ ^^

  17. I've been looking for those socks for awhile now! ><
    Also, in your other picture, where did you get your flan plush? Or what brand is it?
    You can get a non cheapy looking pleated skirt from anywhere that sells school uniforms...I got mine at Kohl's and Sear's.

  18. the loose socks looks really adorable!

  19. In highschool I had a uniform and I used to wear loose socks! Most people thought I was a weirdo but it was awesome, especially during the winter !! It kept my legs warm *.*

  20. Yay! haha, I am glad that they are not totally dead in Japan. I still think it is an adorable look :P I've always wanted some loose socks!

  21. Late comment but since I'm currently a High School exchange student in japan, I felt the need to comment. (also should mention I'm a first-time commenter^^)

    In my school, loose socks are the ONLY socks banned. That, and ankle socks. But it sucks soooooooooo so so so so so so much. A few girls try to sneak socks similar to loose socks but they ALWAYS get caught and told to never wear them again.

    I've decided I'm going to buy a pair just so I have one.

    If I didn't love my uniform so much, I would totally send it to you. haha.

  22. I still have 2 pair of loose socks. I used them this past winter as an extra (really) warm layer when going outside. Land's End sells school uniform skirts. But if you don't want polyester blend I'd look in some vintage shops first and then maybe try Banana or J Crew.
    -cloudcar neé Kelli

  23. wow, I've always wanted those socks! I've even tried making them out of a sweater, which failed horribly.

    maybe you could try bodyline? I love their lolita stuff, but I'm not sure about the pleated skirts. You could give it a try though! :)


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