Being sneaky in 109

Hmm, I'm not sure if I can write this post now, I feel so distracted haha. It seems like my brain is getting less and less focused on writing haha! But atleast I got a few things done today, I did some schoolwork. But one thing that had been on my list for awhile finally got done - I called my hotel in Toronto and booked my shuttle. I will stay in Canada one night before heading off to Tokyo. And I'm looking forward to that pool! haha^^

You don't need to be sneaky to get this shot haha^^

Another place I am looking forward to going to when I'm back in Tokyo is 109 of course! And who doesn't enjoy seeing photos of 109? But better yet is seeing photos from inside 109, because photography is not allowed inside 109. I am generally respectful of no photography signs (when I feel it's easy to be caught haha) but the lure to take pics in 109 is too strong haha.

Lip Service with the spring sets at the front

That's where the title of this post comes in, to take photos in 109 it seems like you need to be a little sneaky. You know, waiting for shop staff to look away, for throngs of customers to thin out. But it's a bit difficult to be sneaky with camera that makes such loud shutter sounds. Nevertheless I was able to capture a few shots.

A random shop, Navana?, with nicely priced items

I got some of my favorite stores, but my goal for next time is to collect photos of as many stores as I can. That will require more patience than I have in such high energy places like 109 haha. It would be really cool if I could get photos of the shop staff like Hana did, but I am way too shy for that I think^^

W*C looking amazing with many customers

I didn't feel so shy getting this photo of the W*C storefront, because there were a couple preteens snapping away with their cellphones so I just joined in. But doesn't it seem like the W*C storefront is meant to be photographed? I mean it looks like a show piece haha^^

Stores were not the only things I caught, I took a photo of this gyaru not looking as quite gyaru as western gals expect. Many of the western gals who have been to Japan often talk about the large variety of gyaru. But we don't get much chance to see them because it's the totally done, skinny, pretty ones that get photographed usually. Not to say this girl isn't super cute, just more casual than what we expect?

No makeup, plain hair and flat shoes but she's still obviously gyaru right?

You'll also see middle schoolers shopping at 109

Well every five minutes I'm looking up at So You Think You Can Dance, so perhaps I should leave off here and give the TV my full attention haha! I suppose there is a lot to get done before I leave the US again, but we have our holiday weekend now, so it's time for relaxing haha!
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  1. wowowwww!!! best post ever =)

    love the pics

  2. You are one sly photographer! hehe
    I'm too scared to even try and take pictures in there. T T
    That girl is definitely a gyaru, btw. haha Her pants!

  3. :) Hahah! Good work with the pictures!
    It's a pity they don't allow photography in 109! The displays there seem so much nicer than the ones here.

  4. Wow. you're a brave photographer!

    follow me?
    Lovely Curse
    and check out my second blog.

  5. W*C store concept is just so funky!

  6. Great post Sarah! :-) Try to be braver the next time, I think most of the staff are very nice, and when you surprise them with a few lines in Japanese, I'm sure they will give you their foto!

    When I was in Tokyo with my friend she was snapping fotos of everything she liked, she did not care about whether it was forbidden or not. She said the japanese are too scared to tell a foreigner that's forbidden. So she could always play out her "gaijin-card" hahahaha!

  7. go go sneakyness! XD I wonder why you can't take pictures inside? ><
    love the pics! : D

  8. Wow!! This is amazing!!! All of your photos bring back memories of when I was in Japan. (Well, not in Tokyo, but Yokohama) It just brings tears to my eyes because i have relatives there and I haven't seen them in 3 years. (2007)

    Anyways, i digress! i love your blog!! ^_^

  9. Good! You're getting much better at being sneaky to get the snaps :-)

  10. Haha I loved this post! You did a great job ^^b
    It's so interesting to see how different the shops look in Japan..especially W*C is striking!

  11. Those hats! ;__; I would love that kind of hat but in Finland there's only one shop which has them and it's too big for my head ò__ó

    Lovely pictures ♥

  12. Loved this post, Sara Mari!! ❤
    I hate to encourage rule-breaking, haha, but definitely do take more photos next time you go!
    Of course the w❤c snap is my favourite~

  13. Wow, those are some amazing stealth jobs! O.o

    And as far as the casual-dress goes, I can definitely vouch! There's a looot of girls, even in Shibuya and (well, maybe less so) in Shinjuku who give off the gyaru vibe without being 'dressed up.' I guess it's better to leave the house in acid wash jeans and some glittery flats than in sweats and a tee-shirt, right?? :D

    Honestly, though, I've seen some ADORABLE girls here who can really pull off casual wear as opposed to 'dressing up' for a gyaru look.

    Thanks so much for posting! Love the pictures! ♥

  14. great photos :3
    my camera sucks to b bale to take great photos like tht though :3

  15. Arrrrgh, you post puts me in the mood for shopping! Why, why, why do you do this to me?!?!ww

  16. Hello Sara-Mari,
    We’ve been really enjoying reading your blog, and would love to link to you! If you like what you see on our site, we’d be delighted if you linked to us too :)

  17. O_O You can't photograph in 109? I took several photos and inside 109 Men's Side and no one seemed to be troubled. Oh dear...ah well, next I will know.

  18. Yay for sneakyness =D I love to see 109 photos!!

    and Toronto is a boring city =P Montreal is much better haha (this is me spreading Canadian city rumors XD haha)

  19. How can you not want to photograph 109 that is a SIN that they won't let you. I suppose so you cannot rip ideas, but its like the hub of all thing cool! and WC screams to be taken pictured of. You are so brave girl!

  20. gahh I'm too old to shop there :P Had it been 5 years earlier, definitely! LOL.

  21. Why aren't you supposed to take pictures? :O It seems like a common thing not to in Japan.

  22. Those school girls are so cute! They look like they just popped out of a manga!

  23. I have to admit, I also found it hard to take pics, knowing you're not supposed to. I used to ask for a photo with the staff person once I'd just bought something - cos if you've just spent money at the store, they owe you, right? I'm not good at the stealth ones though...

  24. Oh thank you for sneakily taking these pictures!Haha! Good job! i wanna go there! But first, i need to go to Japan! (which is pretty much impossible right now. lol.)

  25. I've been thinking a lot about gyaru rules and what gyarus are "supposed to wear and not to wear"...if you get a chance, you should watch Gal Circle ( Kinda neat to see the differences b/w Japanese gyaru and Western gyaru.

    But I just couldn't remeber what that place was called XD
    I didn't have camera either so I coudln't take any pictures -.-


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