Real food, fake food & more deco sweets

Today is July 3rd is that means we are a bit busy preparing for July 4th tomorrow. Actually we are thinking of driving to Wisconsin to buy some rockets (only fountains are legal in Minnesota) but we might not have time for it since we need to do other chores. Rockets are way more fun than fountains, I last did rockets with my 2nd bf, so awhile ago haha.

Yesterday I did a lot of yard work with my mom, and I was dieting very strictly so it was so difficult. I felt rather faint, and yet I didn't loose even an ounce. I guess I have to give up on that and accept my now jiggly belly. But after all that work we had some fun and made the Whipple fake sweet set I brought back from Toys R Us.

Whipple is line of fake sweets craft sets made by the company Epoch for little kids. While there are fake sweet sets for adults like Decotti, Whipple is more for children because the quality is a little lower and the items less realistic. But the products look very nice for the price point, and foster creativity for all ages in my opinion^^

Finished Whipple Chocolate Cake set sweets

As you can see there are lots of sets to choose from, but I brought back the Chocolate Cake set. I've also made the Tart Cake set. Me and my mom had a lot of fun putting these together, it didn't take much time though so the fun was quickly over haha. I'm going to purchase some more Whipple sets during my next trip for sure, they make great decorations for your room^^

Usually there is some of the fake whip cream left over when you finish making the Whipple sets, so I decided I would use the rest of the chocolate cream and deco another bento box. This time I just want to make something simple that looked more cake like. And I really liked how it looked, but when it dried it got all shrunken and cracked. TT

It was cute before it dried...

Perhaps the cream had a bad reaction to that type of plastic? Who knows, I will still use though of course. Oh, and I have to show you the "real food" part of this post haha. Since tomorrow is July 4th my mom bought a watermelon for our little party. I want to show you that you can get a melon this large for 2.98$ in the US.

2.98$ watermelon, I will enjoy eating it haha!

I don't want to think how expensive this would be in Japan! haha! Is fruit expensive where you live?

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  1. That set is so cute, I'd love to see what you do with it. The bento box is also cute, but it's a shame that it dried that way D:

    I know fruit is expensive in Japan (depending on where you shop), but I think it's really quite cheap here in the UK. I shall miss that haha
    My sister's friend from Taiwan visited us recently and she said they had a surplus of bananas in Taiwan so you could buy a kilo for something as silly as 50p :O!!

  2. Is the color off in your first photo, or is the cream really that purplish color? Still, very cute!! It's too bad your bento box dried in a less-cute-than-you'd-hoped way. =(

  3. Fruit is cheap in Sweden~ I like that! I would get a watermelon for just a couple of dollars too depending om size. It's more expensive if it cut, really strange!

    It's only swedish strawberrys that's expensive. 4,5 dollars for one tiny box :(

  4. the bento box looks so cute even though it's a little cracked! n__n

    Fruit here in Norway isn't that expensive I think, it just depends on where you buy it. I asked my mom and for like half a watermelon we would probably pay around 3$, but that's in the stores so if we went to the markets or something it would be cheaper. Apples on the other hand is really cheap haha, especially since the place we live have apple trees everywhere and it's famous for it's apples. Even the national costume from this area has apple flowers on it XD

  5. Fruits here (Montreal/Canada) aren't expensive; we buy strawberries every week^^ Soon, blueberries and raspberries will be in season, I can't waiiiiiiiiit~ 

  6. Rockets? Fountains? Are these some sort of fireworks?

    Not at all, tropical fruits are very cheap Malaysia. I would say that imported fruits are pricier yet still affordable =]

  7. ooh I'd love to try such a Whipple pack!
    I had the same problem using modeling paste as whipped cream, it dried, shrunk and crackled.
    Fruit here in Belgium isn't expensive (well not compared with Japan :D) a normal price I think

  8. Cute decoden! I'm looking into buying some silicone caulking as apparently that works the same as the fake cream but you don't have to have it imported from Asia. Fruit in England isn't that expensive, except strawberries and raspberries are slightly more expensive if you buy them out of season.

  9. Aww, that fake food looks yummy.

  10. those deco sweets are so adorable! ^__^ i didn't know you can make them! hmmm in cali it seems stuff is slightly more expensive. however, we found a nice produce store nearby that sells super cheap fresh fruit and vegetables. there is tax on plastic bottles though so water is more expensive in a way xD

    hehe watermelon is so delicious during the summer! my mom has that spice rack :D

  11. Oh that deco sweets are great! I guess I should watch out for this in my German Toys R us XD Decotti and so on is just to expensive to purchase.. =/ So, thanks for this post about it, I wouldn't have know about it otherwise XD

  12. how nice! huge watermelons cost $1 where I live in oklahoma!

  13. I love the fake sweets!! I want to try it too :3

    Yesterday my grandma bought 1/4 of a watermelon, but I don't know how much it cost ^^; Some fruits are very expensive here, but some are much cheaper when they are in season like passionfruit and lychee (my favorites!)

    Very sadly, corn is very expensive too :( I think that is true for all of Asia though? I heard corn is expensive in Japan, too!

  14. I wish toys r us would sell these sets over here too!
    It looks so fun! And your bento Box is really cute!

    In Germany, it depends on the season, but right now everything is pretty cheap. Imported fruit are a little more expensive though, but I guess the pricedoes Not

  15. Even come close to Japanese prices.

    Sorry my iPod messed the comment up :(

  16. i love watermelon so much :3 it's all i eat when i go back t hong kong XD

    and cute little fake cakes :3

  17. Fruit is pretty cheap in the UK, love watermelon! Really cute deco cakes too, I'd love to get my hands on some of those and have a play too!

  18. Your bento box looks like a McCain Delite cake. :D

  19. "Yesterday I did a lot of yard work with my mom, and I was dieting very strictly so it was so difficult. I felt rather faint, and yet I didn't loose even an ounce. I guess I have to give up on that and accept my now jiggly belly."

    Girl, you need to be careful!
    "Dieting very strictly" sounds a little like, "I wasn't really eating" to me. You need (good) food to keep you healthy and give you energy (not that you don't know that XD). Just "dieting very strictly" isn't going to help you very much. Maybe try something like crunches (well, no, don't, I hate those), or dancing (which is actually fun).

    I don't mean to upset you or be mean. I just don't think that's the best way to think or go about it, you know?

    Anyway, you seem to be in pretty good shape to me. Take care of yourself! :)

  20. Happy 4th of july party :)

    The sweets look so cute :)

  21. Now i really wanna try out sweets deco, too! You really inspire me to do things I normally wouldn't do, hahahaha!

    You and your mum did great work! All of the sweets deco looks so cute! :-))

    Here in Germany fruits are not expensive, and the melon (it was an even smaller one, if I remember correctly) would have costed about 3000 Yen in japan, but it depends where you buy it! I once saw about 250 grams of cherries for 2500 Yen, so it is immense expensive! :-))
    Good that I don't like fuits that much, so I avoid buying them when I'm in Japan XD

  22. I love watermelon and it is something that I eat all the time in the summer here in Japan. Watermelons go for around 3000 yen for the "average" sized one. I have seen some go as high as 5000 yen though... tiny ones are about 1000 yen

  23. Your July 4th sounds better than mines...even in Hawaii! haha But, lovin' the decorations! It's rare to see the chocolate cream decors. :3

    Yes! please prepare yourself for the heat >< it's just going to get hotter from here..

  24. It's so cute (*´∀`*)
    I think that I will buy a sweet set like this the next time I go to Japan! (^^)

  25. Fake food is safe food, haha!! XD
    It's so hard to resist all the yummy desserts around any holiday... GANBATTE~~!
    Hope you have a happy 4th ;D

  26. hello
    i live in france
    i have got a shop
    i would like buy decotti products with professionel prices
    do you know a direction for it
    thanks ludivine

  27. I have the same spice rack as you haha.
    love the bento box :D


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