Takeshita Dori is usually crowded

Good morning everyone! It's Sunday morning here at this time and I woke up just 30 minutes ago haha. My brain is actually not so ready to be writing yet, but since it's 4th of July I can't be sure I will have any time to update later. Oh yeah, Happy 4th of July to those who will be celebrating it~!^^ I'm just having a teeny family party, and 3 of the 4 attending are dieting so it's not going to be a big food blowout like usual American holidays hehe^^

Yesterday I did something I said I wouldn't - get more clothes before I go to Japan, how will I fit everything into a carry-on? haha! (I refuse to check a bag this time) I don't have time to photograph my gets today, but I will post them tomorrow^^ I'm so excited to bring those clothes to Japan, and it seems many people are leaving for or are in Japan now. Summer really is the travel time huh?

Boy, this photo really shows it was a strong sunny day haha

But we don't need to travel to Japan to enjoy it I think. Nowadays the internet has almost everything you could want to learn, see or buy from Japan. And so I am bringing you some photos of Takeshita Dori, that fabulous shopping lane that has become imfamous for youth fashion. Well the backstreets of Harajuku are where all the little fashion houses are right? But I haven't explored them yet....oh good idea for my next trip! haha.

Looking down Takeshita Dori

One of the main reasons people visit Harajuku - to "Loli Watch" XD

I think I've been to Takeshita Dori only one time when it was comfortable enough to just stroll and look at the shops in a leisurely pace. To me it seems like it is ever crammed full of people, weekdays don't appear to thin the crowd as much as I would expect. Harajuku (and Asakusa) is where you are going to see a ton of tourists, and combined with the throng of locals you got the makings of a crushing crowd haha!

One great way to get out of the stream of people in Takeshita Dori, and in this summer weather escape the body heat, is to visit one of the 2nd story shops. There are several buildings with multiple levels, and visit the upper level shops where there are balconies will allow you to take a moment to just relax and people watch.

Looking back towards the station entrance, the old guy looking into my camera is distracting me...

Most of these photos from this set were taken from the balcony of the Bodyline shop. I appreciate Bodyline because they make loli shoes for giant feet like mine, but boy that shop was small and super crowded with mostly Asian tourists! Their balcony however was greatly appreciated by me.

Can you spot the W*C fan? XD She's obviously a middle-school girl but she is rocking the look^^

It was an unusually hot day for May when I visited Takeshita Dori, or perhaps it just seemed so hot because I was wearing my W*C sweatshirt? haha. Either way hot temperatures really make walking around in Japan...torture I would say. Has anyone written about how to deal with Japan's summer heat? Maybe I should write about that soon XD

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  1. I totally looooove harajuku and this street :)
    And yes it's always crowded! :D

  2. Wow thats super mega crowded :) oh how I would love to go to Japan :)

  3. Oh, yeah, Takeshita Doori is always crammed! Not only with tourists, also many local japanese go there! I like TD, too, but I know by far more attractive places to shop, hahaha! And those are not as crowded as TD XDD

    Well, the summer heats awaits you in a few days, in Tokyo! After the Tsuyu, it becomes very hot immediately. My friend said she wants to be in the fridge the whole day, hahaha!
    Luckily most of the japanese houses have airconditioners.

    A good way to avoid the heat is to spend the whole day somewhere shopping in a mall or so. It's all air conditioned and just go to the real outside only if you must, f. ex. going to the station :-) And remember to drink enough water! I get a headache to fast these days :-(

  4. ooo people watching :) i would love to go and admire all the different fashion styles!

  5. Hope you have a fun & happy 4th, dear~!
    & amazing photos as always!! Love how you managed to spot the wc, haha! ;D

  6. i can spot a really hot guy with fancy gyaru hair ToT when I get older and richer I shall live in Japan!! :D maybe we can be roomies, who knows! :D
    but lovely post indeed.

  7. Great pictures, love the lolitas! If I ever go to Japan I will totally be loli-watching in harajuku hehe

  8. I would love to shop there, looks crowded but looks like it would be worth it!

  9. I love looking at your pictures and reading your comments, makes me feel like i'm there, I can almost hear the crowds :D
    Definitely a great place for people watching, you found a great spot!

  10. Oh Bodyline~ XD I want to get some shoes from there too! They had a booth at Detour so I could see the shoes in person and I think that they are OK quality for the price :3 I hate to buy things online... one time I ordered boots and they were awful! Waste of money D:

    The old man looking into your camera was the first person I noticed in that photo @__@ eye contact is very attracting attention!

    That looks like a fun place to visit :) I hope that I can visit someday! I want to go to Tokyo Disney next summer XD but need to save money...

  11. Those shops look so intriguing...and a perfect place for people watching! How convenient!

  12. are u talking about the vocaloids?!
    do u wanna be in my fanclub?!

  13. I went there three times and the huge mistake was that once I went there was on a sunday... XD I guess you know what happened

  14. I know exactly how you felt there. Sakie and I were there during Golden Week weekend. Wrong time to go, lol. But nice photos there showing the atmosphere. :-)

  15. I know exactly the spot you mean at Bodyline, it's perfect to escape the crowds!

  16. Those lolitas on the street are so cute!!! I would love to go to Japan, enjoy it!!

  17. Oh! Happy Garden! That series is cute. (>w<) I am referring to the jumperskirts the lolitas are wearing, if anyone has no idea what I am talking about.

    I have to rely on the internet for all of my clothes, being a lolita myself.

    I hope you are able to fit everything in the carry on! Would you be putting your purchases in Japan in there, as well?


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