Hello from Toronto, Hilton Garden Inn

Hey friends, I am writing to you from my room in the Hilton Garden Inn in Toronto. Perhaps you read my tweets about it haha. But I am in the midst of an 18 hour layover, and I decided it would be better to spend the transit time in a hotel rather than sitting in the airport. I mean can you imagine staying in an airport for 18 hours?

Anyhow, I am done with the first leg of my trip and only the long part is left now haha. The flight from Toronto to Tokyo is 2 hours longer than the flight from Minneapolis to Tokyo, so that rather sucks. There is a lot of inconvenience when you don't have much choice in flights haha.

Looking in on my Hilton room

And even though I had to waste a day in transit, I'm glad I could waste it at such a nice hotel like this one. The Hilton chain is more high class than other chains and the difference is obvious. The materials used in the decor of this Hilton make it appear much nicer than say Comfort Inn etc.

From the other direction

My room is a standard room with a king size bed. I don't really need a king size bed though, I don't move around as much as I used to so I just basically sleep on the edge all night haha. It also has a flat screen TV which has been keeping me company while I am alone haha.

A view of the bathroom vanity

I really appreciate the bathroom most however, I mean that the condition of hotel bathrooms is really important to me haha. This bathroom has an glass shower, granite vanity, and a makeup mirror. It might actually be unsanitary, but atleast it looks clean haha!

I will be heading back to the airport in about 1.5 hours, and then my flight will leave in 3.5 hours. And the flight is 13 hours haha. So I still have a lot of time to kill. I will make you an scheduled post after this, since this post is rather boring haha!

No makeup, but looking ok after my flight haha

See you in Tokyo!
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