New series: One 7 Ways

Good evening everyone, I'm a bit excited tonight XD because I am starting a new series today! At the current moment I'm not sure if I want to make it weekly like Fashion Hime Friday, or a bi-weekly thing but I will make a decision before next week. After reading through this post let me know if you prefer every week or bi-weekly^^/

Anyhow, I would like to introduce my new series called One 7 Ways. The basic premise of this series is to take one fashion item and coordinate it seven different ways. I am not claiming to be good at coordinating, or trying suggest to anyone how to dress. I would just like to share how I would personally put outfits together.

So for this week I choose this purple spangle border onepiece. I found it in a plus size clothing store called Loop18, and it's meant to be a t-shirt but it fits me as a dress. My goal is show you 7 different styles, not just 7 versions of my style!

Style 1: Work style
For this coordinate I wanted to create a look that was more polished and could be used in a more professional setting (depending on your work dress code). I used a black ruffle skirt, high waist black belt, a black necklace.

Style 2: Dressy style
This coordinate is something I imagined could be used at a semi-formal party, or for a dinner out. I used a power shoulder crop jacket, polka dot tights, blue hair flower, large black bead necklace, and large blue bracelet.

Style 3: Casual style
When I put this one together I thought it would be quite appropriate for school, or just shopping, something like that haha! I used grey denim leggings, black fedora, brown belt and leopard print cuff.

Style 4: My style
Haha! This one is the one I would wear any time, it's my preferred style. A friend mentioned the red gloves ruin it, but I like the pop. I used a black and white tutu skirt, studded leatherette vest, bullet belt, 3 leather cuffs, gold necklace, plastic spike bracelet and red gloves.

Style 5: Pop style
This is also a coordinate I would love to wear, it's just not as rock as the previous one. I used a denim military vest, leopard tutu skirt, 2 cuffs, and chain bracelets, a black shiny headband.

Style 6: Girly style
Honestly I didn't have the thing I really wanted to put with this outfit, but overall I wanted to create a more cute look. I used a pink hoodie, white tulle skirt, beaded necklace, fur hair pompom, grey and pink scrunchies as bracelets.

Style 7: Party style
This one is just for fun! This time the onepiece is used a skirt and coordinated with 80s inspired items for a party look. I used a border knit top, blue leopard tights, spangle hair ribbon, nerd glasses, purple and black spike bracelets.

I know I didn't include any shoes or handbags with the coordinates, but if you are like me then you are really picky about that haha! So I wanted to leave that open. Please let me know what you like or don't like, what you'd like to see in the future or your generally feelings about this new series! Hopefully I can share more soon^^/
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