Snapshot - one job you can have with blond hair

Oh snapshot post, I always pull them out when I'm in a lazy mood but not a rude enough mood to leave you hanging another day. Haha! I guess the main reason that I don't have much time for writing a full-fledged post today is that I spent the greater part of the afternoon pasting gyaru magazine cut outs onto a board. Well it's really getting to be autumn here, so a comfy day indoors feels just right haha!

As for the title of this post, it might seem strange to Caucasian people who may be naturally blond. But in populations where blond is not a naturally occurring color, or even brown for that matter, light hair colors stand out and sometimes get stereotypes attached to them. For that reason, when getting ready to find a job most Japanese people will dye their hair back to black to appear more professional.

Handing out tissues in Ueno

But this guy doesn't need to worry about things like that, because appearance is not a stipulation for handing out advert tissues on the streets of Tokyo. He can sport his blond tresses, and earn a paycheck. And although his expression belies his boredom, I assure you he was quite tenacious at targeting young fashionable girls as recipients for the free tissues.

I am fairly neutral about the free tissues you can get in Japan. On one hand, I appreciate the tissue especially when I happen upon a toilet with no paper (which happens more often than I care for) and on the other I've become a bit jaded after having one too many people yank the tissue away from me once they see the very white features of my face.

So I've basically stopped taking the free tissues, but what about you? Do you like the free tissue, and do you take them?

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