Twinsie with Tori! tutuHA babydolls!

Argh, I want to say good morning but it's already noon. I swear I woke up at a normal time, its just that I woke up with a bad headache (that is persisting) and I took a nap trying to get rid of it. But I guess I am stuck with it, I sometimes get headaches if I wake up to quickly. Atleast I am here and posting, not letting a minor nuisance stop me from bringing you another day's entry ^^/

Back when I was in Japan last month (it was that long ago? TT) I picked up one of the tutuHA tops that's getting popular with western gyaru recently and ever since that time we have been thinking about doing a twin outfit together. Since I have the blue top and she has the green! Well she came up with the great idea, and I'm the follower like usual XD haha

So on to the pictures because that's what you are really here for anyway right? haha. We decided on rock kei accessories and black legwear!

As you can see I went with a skirt and tights, while Tori chose to use some of her awesome new leggings from Express. I wore the same accessories I always wear, but I wore my new union jack tights I got at 109. And I did take a close up of them, but scrapped it as boring. Which stinks because Tori took a cute closeup of her legwear and I could have matched! haha

I wasn't very creative with my hair, at the time when I was doing it I thought I was doing something cool. However, as I look back now I think I could have done something new that I had never done before. Oh well it gets the job done! XD I think Tori's hair color matches the green color top so nicely, like they came out with that color just for her!

And because I've been trying new things out with my makeup I will leave you with one last narcissistic picture. I feel silly posting my face honestly, because who wants to see that? XD But I've been trying out droopy eyes for the past couple of days that I've been dressing up. I think it's rather difficult to do this kind of eye makeup, but I think the way it looks is so cute so I want to keep practicing.

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