A change in me

Hi again friends! I hope everyone is waiting for the next edition of One 7 Ways, and I promise I will have it up tonight but there is something I want to share first. I've been excited about this for awhile now, and I'm really glad it turned out how I wanted. What I am talking about is my new driver license photo!

Ever since I got my license I've bemoaned the photo, not only was it of fat me it was a just generally unflattering photo. So since I decided to start trying to dress gyaru, I wanted to go all out for my new photo and this is what I got:

Me: before and after 100 lb weight loss and style overhaul XD

I am quite happy with how it turned out, and the big difference between the two makes me especially happy! I hate driving, I didn't even bother getting my license right away when I turned 16 (I know some people go for the test right on their bday haha!) but having this license makes it a bit more fun haha!

Today I woke up early to have my car repaired, and I'm all tired now, so I think I will take a nap. After that I plan to put up the One 7 Ways, I hope you will come back for it!
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