One 7 Ways week 2: W*C skirt!

Good evening everyone, I am back as promised, I would never leave you hanging XD I took a nap from 19:00 for about 2 hours and boy was it hard to pull myself out of bed. But I needed to do some school work, and of course post this week's One 7 Ways! I hope everyone was looking forward to this, because the voting worked out really well^^/

In the end the W*C dotted red tutu skirt won the voting with a little over 50% of the votes. I felt a little bad putting that yellow lace tank top up against this skirt because I know it was a one-sided fight so speak haha! I think it's great this week's item is a bottom since I used a top last time.

So here is a photo of the W*C skirt in question again! Given the appearance of the skirt, most of the coordinates ended up looking "my style" alot... I hope no one minds haha! Honestly it was difficult for me to step out of the gyaru style with this item but I tried my best ^^/

Style 1: Autumn style
I brought in this fuzzy vest to make this coordinate a good one for transitioning into the fall. I used a lip print tank, fuzzy vest, spiked bracelet and yellow bracelet, cross necklace and a black hair flower.

Style 2: Winter style
As the weather gets colder, you need to add more fake fur to keep warm hehe. I used a fake fur leopard crop jacket, union jack shirt, black necklaces, a black pageboy cap, red cuff braclet and chain bracelets.

Style 3: Mobster punk
Ok, I wanted to think of a name that captured this punky gothy retroish kinda outfit Hmm :/ haha! I used a white button-up shirt, leatherette vest, handpainted tie, fedora, cuff bracelet and a ribbon bracelet.

Style 4: Sweet style
I tried to create a sweeter look by using this grey knit onepiece! I used a pair of red fuzzy earrings, grey sweater, pearl necklace, gold chain necklace and gold bangles.

Style 5: Military style
Here is a funky take on the military trend, that seems to fit this fun skirt well. I used a red military cap, a military theme cardigan, giant cross necklace, and blue bracelet.

Style 6: Romantic rock style
Would have been called "my style" if most of these weren't so my style haha! If you want to read a great post about Romantic Rock, check out Sami's recent post! I used a striped vest, graphic tee, bullet belt, choker, leopard print cuff, two studded cuffs and a hair flower.

Style 7: Pure W*C
I wanted to pay homage to W*C since I was using a W*C skirt, and use all W*C clothing for this coordinate XD I used the yellow ugly cap, a W*C tshirt, waistmark belt, statement necklace, nerd glasses, orange watch and ribbon cuff.

So that's it for this week's One 7 Ways. I personally like how the coordinates turned out, but what about you? Do you like seeing more of my style in the coordinates, or did you prefer the variety that I did last week?
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