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I didn't post yesterday because when I got home from school I thought "I posted twice the day before, so I can just sleep." Haha! I'm trying to wake up earlier recently, so by 22:00 I just want to go to bed XD There's really nothing special to say about my daily life other than I am really not organized or on top of things like I should be. I have several important emails I need to reply to, and I just keep putting it off...

But I never put off shopping, even though I told myself I didn't need any more and that my closet couldn't take any more. The weather is surprisingly warm still here in MN, I can go around in shorts and t-shirts, but it can't be much too longer before the cold weather heads in. So I've been thinking about getting some cardigans, not only to warm up but also for extra visual interest.

Justice purchaces

On my b-day after I got my new license I went shopping with my mom because she wanted a new jacket and nail polish. While we were out she asked me if I wanted to stop at Justice since I saw cool skirts there before. They were having a sale so I picked up this union jack shirt (yes another!) and spangle lace tier skirt.

Justice is a clothing store for girls aged 7 to 13, hum yep I fit the clothes and not even the largest size. Their stuff is pretty garish so thats why I like it haha!

Rilakkuma bday gifts from my friend!
Well while speaking of my birthday, my friend who I live with in Japan sent me some really cute Rilakkuma items! I wouldn't give him a clue about what I wanted because I'd feel bad sending him into tutuHA, so this is what he choose! Cute!

Last weekend me and mom visited a Japanese garden in MN (I will do a write up later) and since we were already nearby, we stopped at the MoA so I could look at Forever21. So far Forever21 has been the place I receive the rudest comments when dressed in gyaru. It's bizarre!! Well even when shopping there, MN girls are still so unfashionable and narrow-minded...

Forever21 purchaces

I got the military cardigan and fuzzy vest that you've already seen in the One 7 Ways this week. I was really really wanting those items after I saw them on the webshop, luckily I got the military cardi - it was almost sold out. I also got that awesome spangle star top!

After Forever21 we headed back towards our end of town and stopped at JC Penny's because we both wanted to look around. I found a great spangle fall-away vest and a really cool asymmetrical cardigan. I changed out the brown buttons for silver ones, so it's perfect now!

JC Penny's purchaces
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