Snapshot - An unglamorous side of gyaru

Sleepy! Well I had to wait until the end of the day to post again, because I went out mall walking at the Mall of America for a few hours, then went trail walking and then watched a movie. This weekend was busy and it's seemed to spill over it the week haha! I didn't get much at the mall (it was hard to resist that clearance sale at Betsey Johnson...) so I don't have anything to show about that now XD

Well, to the topic of this post, I would say there are many unglamorous sides of being gyaru just as with any fashion or lifestyle. I don't have any pictures of gyaru poking themselves in the eye while putting on mascara, or cleaning out the drain traps, but I got a shot of a gyaru not shopping, getting hair or nails did, or strolling fabulously.

Nice tights huh? XD

Yep, a gyaru just out buying a train ticket. Haha, I'm not saying that gyaru aren't like everyone else. It's just you always see photos of them in magazines, street snaps, or just walking the streets of Shibuya when they actually are doing mundane things also. But I have to say, this lady is making buying a train ticket look super fabulous!! XD

It's not only gyaru who are making the boringness of trains look glamorous, I caught these super cute lolita in the Shinjuku station. I didn't want to make a post just for this terribly gross blurry shot, but you can kinda see how amazing their outfits are!

These lolis were really booking it! Slow down so I can snap your outfit! hehe

Well I guess that's all I got tonight. I have a couple new items I can make a gets post of, and I'm way behind on coordinate posts so there's always something to look forward to hehe XD Have a great day and come back for the One 7 Ways voting post tomorrow^^/
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