Get the trad gyaru look at Wet Seal

Ok, after forcing you to learn about Japan's political system yesterday, I thought I would reward you with a fashion post! haha! Well actually I guess I just write whatever I feel that's why there are differences like that.

Regarding the title of this post, by trad I mean "traditional" (trad makes the title shorter haha XD). So I wanted to show how you could achieve a traditional gyaru look, a d.i.a and Aina/Yumachi look. Not a sweet, rock, mode, agejo etc etc look.

To give you an idea of what style I'm talking about see these pictures below:

via Cosmic Love

via Kanako_ageha no Blog

I was inspired to do this post today after I went to one of the local shopping malls and was lured into Wet Seal by the cute Halloween costumes they had in the window. Wet Seal is a teen/20s shop with mostly party and casual type clothes. Lots of cheap taste and polyester materials, not a place I shop.

But today I spotted alot of items I thought could be worked into a gyaru wardrobe. This is just my opinion, I am no expert at gyaru, I just think the items I'm posting fit the traditional gyaru style. I hope you find some inspiring items XD


The left shirt would look cute with a lace tank under, and the right has a really cool back!

The nordic print sweater is so trendy, it'd be better if it was black haha


Get rid of that belt on the fur vest!


I love both of these dresses! The chain one especially speaks to me. And they are both under 25$


The plaid skirt is similar to the first shop staff picture, don't care for the ribbon tho.


See! I think it's quite possible to achieve a gyaru look without spending money on Japanese brands. You just have to explore new stores and hunt for specific items. And all these items are low-cost, the most expensive item in this post was the boots at 39.50$
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