One 7 Ways 3rd ed.: Pink leo cardi!

Good day! Good windy day because it is getting super, and I mean super, windy here today. Sometimes when it's really gusting the house creaks and groans, and I feel that the roof is going to blow off in any second DX But luckily the power or cable hasn't been blown out, so I can still make my post tonight!

This is the 3rd edition of One 7 Ways, and the winner of last week's vote was the pink leopard print cardigan! It really only won by the tiniest margin though, so I think I did a good job picking out "equal" items. I know a lot of people liked the stripe border skirt, so I will bring it back in another voting round someday^^/

I didn't bother to get another pic of the leopard cardigan, but you'll remember it soon enough haha.

Style 1: Sweet pop
This coordinate came to me really quickly and easily even before I started the making process. I used a grey W*C tee, white dot tutu skirt, furry hair pom pom, metal ribbon necklace, and metal bracelet.

Style 2: Cool casual
This one was also easy to put together, the main point of this outfit is the fake fur stole and black hair ribbon. I also used grey jeggings, a medal pin, and bracelets.

Style 3: Shibuhara style
I kinda feel this one is a nice mix of Shibuya and Harajuku style, and a nice way to use a romper in cooler weather. I used the Ugly cap, romper, black tights, thick cross necklace and bracelets.

Style 4: Super cutesy
Honestly I just put the cardi on the BTSSB dress for giggles, but as I added accessories I actually started to like it haha! I used two hair flowers, a pearl necklace, 2 pink bracelets, and 3 rings.

Style 5: Devilish rock
My usual taste of rock style, mixed up with this pink cardi and clip on devil horns! XD I can't wait to wear this one haha. I used a tutuHA shirt, ruffle skirt, bondage collar, and bracelets.

Style 6: Mature funk
This isn't very creative at all, I'm sorry. Looking back I'd probably use a different skirt, but the accessories help pull it together. I used a black skirt, waist mark belt, fedora, 2 chain necklaces and bracelets.

Style 7: Colorful military
A rather baka coordinate this XD I loved mixing up the different colors, pastels and bolds, and patterns. The green heart necklace is the key point. I used a black military shirt, military hat, colorful skirt and bracelets.

I feel like last week was very strong and was a tough act to follow. I like these coordinates overall, but next edition I will try to think outside of the box a bit more and make sure I bring in the fall trends^^/
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