One 7 Way 4th ed, Nordic print onepiece!

Hmm, I'm trying my best to think of something interesting to say as my opener for this post but nothings coming to mind... Today I mostly lounged around because I'm having the lady problems. I tried to rake the yard but it just gave me more cramps. Oh how lucky we ladies are! haha.

Yesterday was a bit more productive because I put together the coordinates for this 4th edition of One 7 Ways! The Nordic Print onepiece was the landslide winner, and I think that is great since nordic print is trendy right now. Its good to be on trend I guess XD

I actually went back and re-did a couple of these after I slept on it, so I hope everyone will like what I came up with!

Style 1: Sweety plaid
In the last issue of Popteen I noticed a lot of plaid, or was it just in that AKB thingie section? Anyway, I wanted to pair plaid with the nordic print because I like the way they look together haha. I also used a black pageboy cap, hair flower, red heart necklace, leopard print bracelet and ribbon.

Style 2: Monotone winter rock
Oh ho ho, here'd my fave look of the bunch XD I don't think any pattern is off limits in the rock look! I used a tutuHA skirt, fake fur vest, choker, 2 cross necklaces, and a spike bracelet.

Style 3: Casual pop
Changing it up to use the onepiece as a onepiece haha. I used a leopard print crop jacket, red military cap, ripped leggings, chain cross necklace, and blue bracelet.

Style 4: Cute military girl
I kinda had a bit too much fun with this outfit? There's a lot going on here haha. I used a military cap and vest, high waist belt, ruffle skirt, chain cross necklace, gold bracelets and red gloves.

Style 5: Making warm cool
Layering the nordic onepiece under a jacket will make it even warmer for winter weather, and the rock elements make it cool. See what I did there? XD I used a jersey knit biker's jacket, red skirt, spangle headband and black hair flower, gold necklace, choker, skull patch, red ribbon and spike bracelet.

Style 6: Cute but casual
I used leopard print again, but as a tutu skirt. The green ugly cap adds a nice contrast to the skirt. I also used a choker, chain cross necklace, military patch and 2 bracelets.

Style 7: Foxy Lady
Moving away from the skirts again, the onepiece is paired with shorts. The foxtail can be attached to the shorts (sorry the foxtail is a little ugly because I made it). I also used a spangle vest, thigh-high stockings, a fedora, red necklace and leopard print bracelet.

Well I hope you liked the outfits I put together this week, I am happy I went back and redid some of them because the first ones were not strong enough. Well I guess I'm off to surf a bit before I sleep XD

UPDATE - Bonus styles!
It was mentioned I used a lot of skirts in these looks, and I agree, I relied on skirts too heavily to make the coordinates. So I got up this morning to make some bonus coordinates without skirts XD

Style 8: Lace and fur
This is a casual look, but it made more interesting with the textural use of lace leggings and a fake fur stole. I also used some bracelets.

Style 9: Pretty in plaid
I mixed the nordic print with plaid again, this time as a bold dress. Mixed with girly accessories to make a sweet look. I used a spangle hair ribbon, bead necklace and shu shu bracelet.

Style 10: Easy mix up
I used an ethnic head band, military jacket and grey jeggings to create casual look the spans several styles.
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