Raiding the clearance section for Gets!

 Good morning friends! I have lots to blog about, today I will be blogging twice. The voting post for the next edition of One 7 Ways will be up tonight, until then you wiill have to be amused by another gets post haha! I have heard positive feedback on my gets posts, so I hope it's fun everyone ^^/

Well I keep saying I need to stop getting so much. That is especially so now that it's nearly Christmas time, and my money needs to go for gifts. So my goal is for this to be the last gets post until Christmas (of course I'm going to get something on Christmas...I hope XD)

The one good point of all my cosumerism is that I atleast keep it in the clearance section. Everything in the post (with the exception of one piece) was purchased off the clearance rack.

Candie's necklace from Kohls

First is this lone necklace. Sorry I didn't have anything else to show with it. I got it at the same Kohls trip, with the design pants and military jacket. It was for 6$, I wanted the gold version of it but it 2$ more. Yep, I'm that cheap.

Target clothing

Here are a couple items I got at Target, the hooded t-shirt is the non-clearance item I was referring to. But I just liked it so much I caved in haha. It was 12$ new, so it wasn't so bad. The plaid skirt was like "it's cheap, and plaid is useful, I buy" XXD

Claire's Halloween jewelry

And of course I was waiting for the 50% off sale on Claire's Halloween items haha. They did the 50% discount before Halloween, which was convenient so I could wear them at the right time. But I just wanted these items for daily wear anyway haha! I've worn the bat necklace often already.

The earrings are really cool and easy to coordinate, but I still need to try the antibiotic cream (to stop reactions) on the earring so I can wear them. All those items were 10$

Hot Topic haul

And this weekend Hot Topic was having a 50% off already clearanced items sale, how could I resist that? Not very well because I went back a couple days later for more haha! As you can see I got everything for 8$ I wanted a spiked choker so I was really happy it was so cheap and the lace ribbon cuff is perfect! The red chain is on my tutuHA bag now^^

It was the thigh high stockings with the handcuffs that made me want to come back, I saw them in the Sakurina Book insert of the June 2010 issue of Ageha, Sakurina has them!! SO I needed a second pair just in case they get torn.

Sakurina has them and now me too! XD

More Hot Topic items

I caved in on the top, the fake fur is trendy, and I want to try a goth gal look ala Sakurina and Non-chan! My mom likes the top too, so I'm happy ^^/ The scarf is really useful too, and I guess I thought I needed another chain haha.

Well I hope you liked my bargin hunter gets. It was mostly accessories this time. But no more until Christmas, I swear!!
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