Combining Sweet and Rock styles!

Good morning, boy it was so hard to wake up today! I stayed up until 2:00 am re-arranging my sidebar. Some people have found it to be cluttered, so I'm trying to make it more sleek. A new feature I added is a Coordinate Album, when you click on the graphic in the sidebar you can see all my coordinates to date on one page together!

My source of sweet x rock inspiration XD

Speaking of coordinates, today I am going to introduce the Sweet x Rock style, and how to combine sweet clothing items with rock items. I first got the idea to write about this after seeing the Sakurina rock section in November Ageha. They had various takes on the rock look, and sweet was one of them.

Sweet style is typified by pink, ivory, tan and brown colors. Loose and flowy cuts, the use of lace and floral patterns. You need look no further than the queen of sweet style, Liz Lisa's website. Sweet style started getting really popular this past spring, but it's slowly loosing steam since winter seasons usually mean darker colors and animal prints.

An ivory sweet onepiece gets cute rock accessories!

The main point of adding rock and sweet together is taking a typical sweet clothing item like a dress, skirt, blouse etc and using rock accessories to change the overall look. The easiest way to add rock to sweet is to use a rock type outerwear, like a bikers jacket, to a sweet onepiece.

Another Sakurina example with a sweet skirt

It's also important to consider jewelry. Rock accessories include chokers, thick cross necklaces, spiked and studded bracelets, chains, wrist cuffs. Leather and metal are the usual materials. Adding accessories like those to a sweet look will change to appearance to more rock.

To help illustrate how to combine rock and sweet I created some coordinates, I don't have any sweet clothing so I went to Target wearing my usual rock items and found sweet pieces to add to them.

Sweet x Rock using a sweet top

I used a black fur vest, which is in the fur trend but rockish because of the black color. The shorts are an item that can be used with a lot of styles, and help tone down the bright floral print of the top.

From here on my photos get terrible because I got in a lot of trouble for using my DSLR and had to switch to my phone camera. Haha!

Sweet x Rock using a sweet bottom

For this look I used my bikers jacket and paired it with a silver and black spangle tank top. By adding the ivory lace skirt the overall look becomes a bit softer and girly - sweet!

Sweet x Rock using an onepiece

This is my favorite of all three, and in fact I want to get this dress now XD The onepiece itself is more rockish because of its black color, and when I add the studded belt and leatherette leggings it becomes quite rock!

Right now, the main colors of A/W sweet are dark brown and ivory, while many of these examples highlight the use of sweet pink. Indeed pink is easy to coordinate with black, but so is ivory. Dark brown is more difficult, but it can be done.

I hope you liked the Sweet x Rock look, perhaps you will feel inspired to give a new look to your sweet items, or a soft look to your rock items! I know I feel like adding some sweet to my life XD
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