Arrival gets, and Tsukicon in Egg pics!

Hello everyone, you might have noticed that the One 7 Ways was a day late or so TT Well I guess blogger decided to disregard my whole scheduling thing, so I ended up having to post it when I got to the apartment. I hope noone was waiting too long for it^^

I arrived safely as usual last night, I haven't done much besides sleep or eat so far since my flight came in at 5:00 pm, then there was immigration, the train ride etc. Lucky for me I order some clothing items ahead of time so I could have things to oogle even though I didn't have time to shop haha!

Yumetembo Guri & Gura leg warmers

I got these fur leg warmers, I got them from Yumetembo, and surprisingly the quality is pretty good for the low price XO I didn't want to pay much because who knows if they will be in much longer^^

JSG duffel coat

And I need a winter coat right? I'm not as cold now as I was last year, I must've gotten used to not having as much body fat to insulate me. The black version of this is more popular/easier to coordinate, but I wanted something I couldn't find in the US haha. The shopping bag is quite nice, made of reusable plastic!

Tralala fake fur hat

An my impulse Russian fur hat. It was on sale on the Tralala website for just 1,050 yen so I couldn't pass it up.

Also last night I picked up the new February issues of Egg and Ageha on the way home from the train station. I was really hoping to get the January issue before they got put away, but no such luck TT

Anyway, the Feb issues are very nice! And the February Egg has the pictures from the now infamous Tsukicon with Yumachi and Aina! I'm sure many people have been waiting/curious for these to come out.

Sadly the pics with all the western gyaru are quite small, of the two page spread Yumachi and Aina singing/traveling/shopping photos take up a page and a half. Not everyone got featured, but hopefully you can see your pic!

Here are some big size scans to tide everyone over until they can get their copy^^

Photobucket Photobucket
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