One 7 Ways 7th ed, Zebra cardigan!

Hi there everyone! This is coming to you while I'm flying to Seattle I guess haha. I went ahead and wrote this up ahead of time so you guys aren't left high and dry for a couple days or whatever XD It's 22:26 here now and I just went to see Tron, good stuff that.

Anyway, the zebra cardigan from H&M won out the votes with a good majority. I think it was the winner since its really something that more people will have in their closet, well a similar cardigan atleast. I had fun with this one, but honestly I didn't put as much into the polishing this week as I was distracted by many things^^

Style 1: Fur rock
This was the outfit I instantly came up with as I started to think of coordinate ideas. I guess this would be cold in a lot of countries right now TT I used a fur stole, skull tank top/onepiece, hair flower, chain necklace and choker.

Style 2: Layered lady
This cardigan goes very easily with reds, black and white so that's how this one came together. I used a graphic T, spangle vest, red tutu skirt, bullet belt, cross necklace and spangle headband.

Style 3: That's simple
I was thinking of something that's more work-y or school-y. The tight skirt makes it more classy, but the cardi keeps it fun haha. I also used a black t-shirt, glasses, and cross necklace.

Style 4: Some red points
This outfit is boyish, but the pants should keep it warm for this winter season haha! I used a black biker jacket, red military cap, red choker, red necklace, and black tshirt.

Style 5: Funky fun
Here's something a bit different from the last couple before it, I used a bright green shirt and wool cap to make the cardigan more funky/pop rather than rockish. I also used a white tutu skirt, bullet belt and cross necklace.

Style 6: Casual but done
I would like to think this is a nice way to do a casual outfit, I mean jeans are the epitome of casual? Haha, maybe that's sweat pants XD I used a tie-dye t-shirt, fedora, fur stole, jean skirt, and wallet chain.

Style 7: Could be sweet
Argh, looking back at this pic, I just want to slap that necklace off this outfit! If I had more in my closet this outfit would have a white fur bear ear hat/muffler and white fur leg warmers. Man...that would be so right TT

Well I hope this edition was ok enough, we should brainstorm an idea to make the next One 7 Ways extra special! Is there anything you've been wanting to see on One 7 Ways?
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