December Egg and Ranzuki picks!

Well since I'm just posting pics without much information recently I thought it would be ok to post again before I put the One 7 Ways up. And I can also put my school work off some more, I know that seven page paper won't write itself but I really just don't want to do anymore schooling. I want to be on break now!! XD

Now I am combining my picks from Egg and Ranzuki because I honestly could not find alot of coordinates that jumped out at me. I thought the December Egg was nice, lots of cute stuff. Just not things I would personally wear/my taste. I mean the whole poncho article was really cute, but ponchos aren't my thing as an example.

Egg December issue picks

I really like all these looks! I like the left one with the plaid, but I don't think I could wear that, it looks great on her! I have most of the pieces needed to make these outfits (or atleast close copies) so I want to wear them soon XD

As you can see most of my picks came from the snap section, so they are all quite small TT I hope you can see them well enough. I love Kanako's purple dress with black coat look, and Marika's simple tutuHA wool coat looks. Actually I hope I get the red wool coat in my tutuHA fukubukuro now, because Morimayu is wearing it in her pics too XD

Ranzuki December issue picks

Ranzuki just never seems to have that many coordinates that speak to me, I'm not sure why. Everything I picked looks so beige too XD but I guess thats good since I usually pick too much black. Natsumi's coordinate on the far left really stands out to me even though its just a coat and thigh highs, it has a lot of impact!
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