One 7 Ways 6th ed, Ivory ruffle skirt!

Hello again friends, just as I said I would here I am again posting the newest edition of One 7 Ways. The voting was rather close between the W*C leopard onepiece, and the ivory ruffle skirt. But from the title I guess you know which one ended up the winner XD

I think its nice that the ruffle won the votes, because as several people mentioned, its something that many people have in their own closets. Or atleast skirts with a similar silhouette ^^/

This is the first time using the dressmaker's form, I'm still learning about how to make clothes look good on it so I hope that the coordinates will look good anyway XD

Style 1: Sweet military
At first I wanted to use a lace camisole the same color of the skirt, but I couldn't find it, so I used this graphic tee. I think it looks fine anyway haha. I used a black hair flower, military jacket, chain necklace and two bracelets.

Style 2: Mix n match military
Now this military is more my style, it's kinda a mix of pop and rock. I used a military cap and cardigan, grey graphic tee, waist-mark belt, cross necklace, and 2 bracelets.

Style 3: Sweet and warm
This is the one I felt didn't look very good on the form, but I still like the combination. I used a fake fur stole, gray cardi, black lace tights, spangle hair ribbon, and 3 bracelets.

Style 4: Rock and cool
This is a simple rock outfit, obviously in this northern weather you'd need a coat with it. But I figure you can just imagine a coat of your taste on it XD I used a black tee, fedora, choker, gold necklace and black leggings.

Style 5: A pop of pink
Not sure what to say about this one, it seems like another one that would look better on a body with arms XD I used a vertical stripe cardi, pink skull tee, chain cross necklace, choker, black hair flower, 2 bracelets and black leggings.

Style 6: The casual marine
I just wanted to use this plaid shirt with the skirt and the rest just kinda happened haha. I used a love black vest, marine cap, cross necklace and ribbon as a bracelet.

Style: My favorite
This is a case of saving best for last haha, well atleast my favorite. It was really hard to get that tutuHA cami on the dress form tho, it's just not meant for me TT I also used a biker jacket, choker, chain necklace, bullet belt, and hip chain.
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