Hello from Orlando Florida

Hi there everyone! I am here in Orlando Florida! I don't really think I talked about this upcoming vacation very much, but we have been planning to go to DisneyWorld for several months and we may have picked the best time to leave Minnesota ever.

We had to get up very early to get to the airport because a blizzard had started in the middle of last night. Our flight was one of the last ones that went out, though I was really surprised the pilot could take off - it was a complete white out. After we left all the runways were shut down and flights canceled.

But we were able to make it here to Orlando were there are palm trees and sunshine, I can walk outside in just a shirt. Its a big differences. I'm not really ready to go walking around in the heavy crowds of DisneyWorld, but today we are just taking it easy.

We checked into our condo in a resort and it's all fancy-like. It has a big bathroom and a full kitchen, so its not really like staying in a hotel at all. Here are some photos so you can get an image of this place.

This is the main room, it has a full size dining table and big flat screen!

The full kitchen is useful for saving money on dining haha, the fridge is old and a bit gross though.

This is the high-light I guess, its a 2 person spa tub, but I'm quite sure 4 people could fit!
I don't think you can even tell how big it is in this pic.

And this is the bedroom with a king size bed. There is also a sofa bed in the living room for kids like me XP

The resort itself is quite nice - it has 4 pools, workout room, 3 restaurants, like 10 condo blocks, a lake, spa, daily activities etc. Sorry I don't have any outside pics yet, it got dark before I could take any.

I'm really tired from getting up at 5:00 am and I plan to sleep early today because tomorrow we will have to go out to one of the Disney parks. I will hopefully have a fun Disney themed post coming up for you guys soon XD
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