Coordinate post - October part 4

Hi again, I just got home from a full day in Epcot Center (which is one of the parks here in DisneyWorld) It was a bad weather day, we had to buy ponchos and the sun stayed behind the clouds basically all day. But I got some nice photos anyway, and I will share those when I get energy to edit them^^

Today I will just subject you to more of my coordinates from back in October. I'll be finishing up with my October coordinates soon enough, but I guess as long as I'm posting coordinates its not that big of a deal when they come from.

10/21/10 coordinate

Hairband: handmade
Shirt: Forever21
Skirt: tutuHA
Shoes: Steve Madden

For those who don't like my ratted hair, probably this picture is a bit disturbing then XD I had ratted out some waves I had it from the day before, but I thought I needed big hair with a such a bold outfit hehe!

10/24/10 coordinate

Cardigan: Allen b.
Crop shirt: CRYX
Tank top: Forever21
Pants: Kohls
Shoes: Steve Maddens

On this day I switched it up style-wise and I tried out some mode! I think this cardigan just needs to be used in mode looks. I was surprised, the day I wore this outfit I received a couple of compliments, and I never usually receive compliments. I guess mode is more acceptable than other styles XD haha!

10/25/10 coordinate

Vest: Old Navy
T-shirt: no brand
Skirt: tutuHA
Shoes: Penny loves Kenny

And here I went back to my regular style, but I feel this is a little girly? Anyhow it was casual and easy to wear. I really like the silhouette of long shirt with the tutu skirt.

I'm pretty worn out, and I don't have much time before heading in and out from the DisneyWorld parks. So I won't be able to reply to your comments or blog posts for the next week, but I really love reading them so please don't give up on me TT
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