Cute character goods spam!

Good Morning everyone, I just didn't have the energy to update last night. It's been so unnaturally cold here in Florida, and it was really hard to walk around in the cold all day yesterday. And I left my jacket in Minnesota because I didn't think it would ever be this cold here.

I got a full night of sleep last night, but I'm still very worn out this morning. I guess shivering all day days a lot of energy? haha! Well today I think it might be nice if the theme of the post is "Warming your heart" so I thought a spam of cute character goods is in order (plus its easy for me to write)

Some posters for Rilakkuma and Yum Yums

Some plushie pass cases! I never want to use these because I'd be sad to get them dirty.

This is Hello Kitty, as some bread, as a keychain XD

Some Rilakkuma bento boxes when you want to bring a snack with you.

These pictures were taken in a character goods store in LaLaport Toyosu, it had a variety of cute items which seemed to be aimed at middle-school aged or under girls. But then again everyone in Japan loves character items so I can't be sure of the demographic. I know I'm not a middle-school student, but I loved it XD

Super cute versions of Disney charaters

And Disney alarm clocks

I really really liked these items, almost cracked and got something XD

Bunny keychains for your bag

I'm sure everyone feels a bit more happy after seeing all these cute pictures? ^^ I know I love looking at character goods. I never let myself get any though since I try to save my money for other things.

But during this Disney vacation I did get the Duffy hip pouch, and I'm considering getting the fullsize Duffy. My justification for being such a fad hound? That Duffy is way cheaper here in the US than in Japan haha! Well I have to finish my breakfast so I can head out soon. Have a warm day everyone XD
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