Get Morimayu's eye makeup look!

It's only 18:30 here but it feels so much later since it's been dark for a couple hours already. It makes me just want to go to sleep instead of writing anything, but this post is kinda exciting for me XD I got a request to do a tutorial on Morimayu's (もりまゆ)style of eye makeup!!

For those who don't know yet, Morimayu もりまゆ is a charisma staff-chan of tutuHA (チュチュア). She has appeared in many recent magazine issues including December's Popteen, Egg and the January Nicky. Her unique and outgoing style seems to be making her more well known XD

Although I can't properly create Morimayu's eye makeup because I don't have the proper false eyelashes, but hopefully the pictures I put together will be helpful!

Morimayu's eye makeup Points!

* Light eyeshadow (if any)
* Liquid eyeliner in tear duct/inner corner
* Tare-me created with accent lash
* No liner on lower lid, shape created with lashes

Now I was able to find close ups of three different looks done by Morimayu, the shapes are all basically the same. However each one uses different lashes to create a subtle difference.

Look 1 is the oldest style for Morimayu. She uses Fairy Lash Little Devil eyelashes for the main upper eyelash, and she added Dolly Wink No. 4 as the accent. The placement of the accent lash past the natural ending of the lid creates the tare-me/droopy eye!

Look 2 is very similar to Look 1, the only difference is the use of Jewerich No. 2 as the main eyelash. The placement of the Dolly Wink accent lash is the same, but the Jewerich eyelash creates a whole different appearance. She uses Nature is Lovely S-2 lashes on the lower lid for all looks.

Look 3 is her most recent eye makeup, which she started using this autumn. The placement of the lashes is the same, but the upper lashes are both Diamond Lash brand. She uses the Glamorous Eye for the main lash, and cuts up an Angel Eye to create an accent lash. This look is really dramatic!!

Hopefully these pictures will inspire you to try this look out, although I'm sure its not to everyone's taste XD In the future I would like to try Morimayu's eye makeup look, but I will probably add some modifications to look better on my eye shape.
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