Coordinate post - October part 3

Is Saturday becoming my usual day for posting coordinates? I guess I just have so much planned that coordinates are easy to write about when I want to take it easy haha. I'm sorry I haven't replied to all your kind comments this week, especially on my MN fashion post.

I was really humbled by the big positive response to that post, I was worried it was going to be boring TT And I really want to say thanks to each commenter individually, but December and January are going to be more busy than usual. I will try to reply whenever I can.

Well let's go back in time and remember a more warm and less busy time hehe. I am skipping over an outfit in this post, because why waste time for an unsatisfying coordinate? ^^

10/16/10 coordinate

Vest: no brand
Tank top 1: tutuHA
Tank top 2: Charlotte Russe
Jeggings: Uniqlo
Boots: Steve Madden

This is the outfit I wore to a local amuzement park's Halloween festivities. I wore a thin jacket over it and was cold all night. Oh well, I liked this outfit anyway haha! The hairstyle is based on how Romihi wears her hair sometimes^^

10/19/10 coordinate

Hat: LDS
Vest: Forever21
Tank top: H&M
Skirt: Vanquish
Boots: Minnetonka

I think this is something of a casual pop coordinate. My hair was looking quite lank, but I like how everything else came together. It was a nice outfit when I didn't feel like going ott or being uncomfortable. I wore that tank top alot around that time, but not recently.

10/20/10 coordinate

Jacket: Forever21
Tank top: H&M
Skirt: CRYX
Tights: DollKiss
Shoes: no brand

Here is that tank top again (see I did wear it often XD) but in a more rock style coordinate. This one ended up being one of my favorite looks. There aren't many accessories, but I think it looks finished anyway.

Well I guess I ought to go back outside and do some more snow shoveling. Some people requested I do a post about cold weather coordinates, I've been giving that a lot of thought and will hopefully get that done soon XD
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