From Minnesota fashion to Sara Mari style

I want to preface this by saying, no I am not so egotistical as to think I have style named after me, or my look is unique. I was just trying to make a clever title haha. Because what I want to do in this post is show some fashionable clothing styles from MN, and then change them to suit me and look more stand out-ish haha.

In Minnesota you are not going to find many fashionable people, I think its just generally not important for most mid-westerners. But when I get into the more rich areas of MN, I notice the lack of jeans and jersey knit shirts. Below will be some examples of outfits that look fashionable in MN, followed by my re-interpretation.

MN look 1

This is a fashionable look in Minnesota. The layering and the use of boots over leggings usually makes people automatically stand out as trendy here^^ However boots are almost 80% flats in MN. The main elements of this outfit are the grey cardi, red top, and dark bottom half.

MN look 1 casually redone

I wanted to make a casual look, but something I feel would still stand out as not usual fashion in MN. I kept the grey cardigan, but changed to a bright red top and cut leggings. The boots have a heel, and I teased the sides of my hair to create volume. Did my regular makeup and added accessories.

MN look 1 fully redone

Now I completely changed the look (while keeping the basic color elements) by using a cardigan with a pattern and changing out the leggings for shorts and thigh high boots. Bolder accessories and a hat round out the look.

MN look 2

I am seeing more girls with soft waves in MN, but the basic ponytail is still the hairstyle of choice. Skinny jeans are popular in winter when people drag out their ugg style boots again. Oh, I don't like looking at myself with this natural kind of makeup...haha!

MN look 2 casually redone

I kept the black top and jeggins look, but I exchanged the dress with a shirt for a better torso to leg ratio. The ponytail becomes a high ponytail, and the uggs are rolled down to expose the fur inside to appear more trendy.

MN look 2 fully redone
Sorry my hair was off balance, but I wasn't going to retake the photo so there!

Everything changes in this look I think. The color balance is the same, except a black jacket is used, with a dark shirt and dark scarf around the hips. Boots are replaced with heel (sorry, these were the lightest colored heels I have...) and the hair is teased.

Honestly I don't know if there was much point to this post, or how useful it really is. But I have fun making it. I feel like when I am around people who are more fashionable that I need to put in more effort to look gyaru, or myself or whatever haha.
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