LaLaport Toyosu

LaLaport is a giant shopping complex with multiple locations around Japan, but today I'm introducing the Toyosu location. Its called a "Shopping Park" on it's official website which sounds like a very accurate description to me, because LaLaport is not only a giant shopping mall, there's a sprawling outdoors courtyard.

The courtyard capitalizes on the ocean-side location of LaLaport, you can see great views of the bay of Tokyo and watch the cruise boats coming in. I even saw my favorite Himiko there while sitting outside. The courtyards are great for a stroll, but they are also a nice place to enjoy a snack break during the hours of shopping you will be doing.

A side of LaLaport advertises some of the shops inside

And you will be shopping for hours because LaLaport Toyosu is sprawling, with many interesting shops!

The design of the building is meant to mimic the boats that floating out on the sea, so if you look at the floor map or down onto LaLaport from a high place you will notice the distinctive shapes. There are many different types of shops, with a total of 185, and a large variety of restaurants, so you're not going to get bored. Tired, but not bored XD

An entrance to LaLaport

The ocean view from LaLaport

I know I wasn't able to visit even 1/4 of the stores, of course not all interested me, because it was getting onto dinner time and I couldn't decide if I wanted to be naughty for my diet or go home and have a salad (guess which I chose? haha!) But I did see some great shops.

There was a cute pet shop, furniture stores and a really great cute and character goods store. I spent the most time snapping photos in Tokyu Hands and Village Vanguard so you will be seeing those soon XD. But this mall, like Mall of America, need an entire day devoted to it if you want to see alot.

A lovely light shop

LaLaport Toyosu was built relavtively recently, so all the facilities are modern and very clean/bright. It seemed to be popular with women with strollers because I saw alot. Kidzania, the hands-on play place for kids, is located here so I'm sure their kids were well entertained. There's also a movie theater if you want to sit for a couple hours XD

A food display of one of the restaurants in LaLaport

This might not be a place you want to visit on your first trip to Tokyo, as it just a shopping mall even if it's big and interesting, but this would be a great place to check out if you've traveled a few times and are looking for new tourist sites!
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