When one isn't enough?

Have two.

I don't think I really need to write much description for this photo, haha, I guess this guy couldn't decide which crepe sounded best so he got two hehe XD (it didn't seem he was bringing the other to a friend or something) I took this in Akihabara near the Donki. Dang I can't even eat one crepe haha!

I know this post is a bit random but I really just wanted to share that funny picture and hopefully give everyone a chuckle today^^ It's really nice to have some things that brighten your day, and recently my friend Stacy sent me a very sweet love package that brightened my day for sure!

The stationary is super cute, and it looks like the envelope was colored by hand!! Did you color that Stacy? XD I was always secretly attracted to that character stationary but I never bought any, it's like she read my mind haha! And the charm is so nice, I hope it gives me a bit of luck, I need it! Thank you so much Stacy!

Stacy has a really great blog, and interesting insights into Japan because she went to high school there! (yeah, I'm jealous of that XD)
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