Merry Christmas Day, with my haul XD

Happy Holidays everyone, I hope that you had a wonderful holiday season and enjoyed your celebrations! In my house we celebrate Christmas, and this morning was the culmination of all the build up that has been going on since the day after Thanksgiving I guess haha.

Yesterday was Christmas Eve, which is not a very important time as Christmas Day here in the US. When my Grandma was alive my paternal family got together on Xmas Eve, but not so much anymore so now I just stay home and go about business as usual haha. But I did dress up since I exchanged gifts with my good friend.

12/24/10 coordinate

Cardigan: no brand
Onepiece: tutuHA
Skirt: no brand
Shoes: Candies

I did a Christmas coordinate XD the green colorway tutuHA babydoll came in really handy for this look. But I was surprised to see it stained the inside of the white cardi at the end of the day :/ My friend gave me some Invader Zim DVDs and I felt bad because they are expensive on Amazon TT

Then I just hung out and watched Christmas movies. This was the first year with our new orange cat so I took a picture with her too. But she really hates to be picked up, this was the best I could do. You can see she got quite fat, she is greedy!

Poor fatty cat, looks so put upon XD

Well this morning I woke up and then me and mom exchanged gifts, we agree to not spend as much this year but of course my mom got me much more than I got her and I felt bad for that TT but everything is useful stuff I requested haha.

The gifts I received

It included: Gold glitter Steve Madden shoes, Betsey Johnson skull tote bag, studded belt, 2 wrist cuffs, 2 Maybelline lipsticks, Betsey Johnson spider ring, F21 tights and Minnie Muse socks and cardi. Now how do I get all this to Tokyo... haha!

Well soon my dad will come over then we will eat the ridiculously large turkey mom got as a gift from her work! My next post will be a Japan post, since its been awhile since I did one XD
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